Wildfires Turn San Francisco’s Sky A Disturbing Shade Of Orange


Wildfires Turn San Francisco's Sky A Disturbing Shade Of OrangeKlee_FilmReview/terrythethunder/Twitter

As California’s wildfires continue, San Francisco’s sky has turned into an apocalyptic shade of orange. 

In this year alone, the state’s blazes have burned across more than two million acres, a record amount of land. Originating in northern California, a recent heatwave triggered a further eruption of fires, blustering across 25 miles of mountainous terrain.


In the Bay Area, flames and smoke are blocking out the sun, with strong winds over the past few days transporting ash from fires in northern California and the Sierra Nevada into the region. As a result, the sky is eerily reminiscent of Blade Runner 2049’s vast Vegas landscape.

Film critic Kevin L. Lee posted comparison images to Twitter, writing: ‘It is LITERALLY Blade Runner 2049 in California right now.’

Another user, @LumpyTheCook, wrote: ‘I still remember when people complained that the Vegas desert scene in Blade Runner 2049 was ‘unrealistically filtered to shit’ and ‘trying too hard to be artsy and surreal’. That was three years ago.’


One user, @terrythethunder, took a video of San Francisco’s sky and put the music from Blade Runner 2049 over the top, a clip which has since been viewed more than 177,000 times.

In a video shared to the Bay Area Air Quality Twitter page, regional air district meteorologist Jarrett Claiborne explained: 


It looks like the scene from a movie. When we have particles in the air they can act as filters and can ‘scatter’ certain colours out. With smoke for example, that’s filtering out other colours allowing red, orange and yellow to reach the surface.

THX, the leading entertainment developer, posted a snap of the sky outside its building, writing: ‘Our office has some serious Blade Runner 2049 vibes this morning.’

Jessica Christian, a photojournalist for the San Francisco Chronicle, posted a video of passersby gazing up, writing: ‘People really don’t know what to do right now. Everyone on the Embarcadero is stopping to record the sky and chit chatting in a way I haven’t seen since pre-pandemic.’


Christian also posted several mesmerising, terrifying photos of the sky, with Governor Gavin Newsom sharing them and urging: ‘These pictures cry out for change. CA has invested more in wildfire prevention than any time in our history. Enacted bold climate policies. But it’s not enough. We must do more.’

He added: ‘We need action at EVERY level. CA cannot do this alone. Climate change is REAL. So please – VOTE.’


Since mid-August, California’s wildfires have taken the lives of 11 people, BBC News reports, as well as destroying more than 3,500 homes.

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