Golden Retriever Ends Up Looking ‘Like A Money Box’ After Isolation Shaving Accident


Golden Retriever Ends Up Looking 'Like A Money Box' After Isolation Shaving Accident Kennedy News and Media

A British couple accidentally ended up with a living, breathing, doggy money box after their unlucky pup got too close to a pair of clippers. 

Rachel Sharpe was trying to tame her husband Joel’s facial hair earlier this week when the buzzing noise of the hair clippers started to frighten their one-year-old son, Christian.


The mum, who has apparently taken on the role of resident hairdresser during quarantine, wanted to show Christian there was nothing to be scared of, so she decided to approach her golden retriver, Evie, to show that even she was okay with the clippers.

Family who accidentally made their dog look like a money boxKennedy News and Media

Unfortunately, Evie was a little too confident around the device, and the excited four-year-old dog chose that exact moment to jump up towards her owner, headbutting the clippers in the process.

By the time she returned to all fours, poor Evie had a 1cm chunk of fur missing from the top of her head, making her look every bit like an oversized piggybank – or should I say doggybank.

Rachel and dog she accidentally made look like a money boxKennedy News and Media

Recalling the incident, Rachel said:

Evie does like to be close to us all the time but I think she was intrigued as to what we were doing. She sat right behind me trying to see what was going on and then this happened.

She was just so bewildered with what happened and looked at me like ‘what have you just done’.

Evie has been left with the perfect shape of a piggy bank on the top of her head.

Dog left looking like a money box after shaving incidentKennedy News and Media

The blunder left Rachel crying and laughing at the same time, so Evie wasn’t quite sure whether to be excited or afraid. She settled on feeling grumpy, and remained in a mood with Rachel for the rest of the evening.

Rachel continued:

I did have to bribe her with chicken. She was not happy with me all that night until I gave her some chicken, but she’s back to her happy little self again today.

Though Rachel was the one with the clippers, the incident never would have happened if husband Joel hadn’t tried to grow a beard in the first place.

Do with chunk of fur missing after shaving incidentKennedy News and Media

Joel, 25, works in bomb disposal with the RAF and isn’t allowed to grow a beard for his job, but since he’s been at home he decided to give it a try. Unfortunately it didn’t quite go to plan, and after only sprouting ‘about 13 hairs’ he decided to let Rachel shave it off.

Hopefully Evie’s fur will grow back soon, I’m sure the joke of people trying to put money in her will get old quickly!

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