Elon Musk Says First Demo Of His Brain Chip Is Coming This Friday


Elon Musk Says First Demo Of His Brain Chip Is Coming This FridayPA Images/Neuralink

Elon Musk’s controversial ‘brain chip’ might be coming to us sooner than we first thought, with the technology entrepreneur promising a working demo by the end of this week.

The news comes a little over a month after Musk announced his latest start-up, Neuralink, was in the process of developing a brain-computer interface that allegedly has a life-changing range of benefits – including the ability to stream music straight into your brain.


Now, Neuralink, which has already received more than $158 million in funding, will be demonstrating a working device this coming Friday, August 28, at approximately 6.00pm ET (11.00pm BST).

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The news fits in with Musk’s promise in July that we would receive a ‘progress update’ on August 28, with the SpaceX CEO tweeting: ‘AI symbiosis while u wait.’

In a post shared on Twitter earlier today, August 26, to his 38 million followers, Musk offered more information on what we can expect in the ‘update’, telling fans there will be a ‘live webcast of working Neuralink device’ on Friday evening.


In a video retweeted by the entrepreneur, Musk told his followers the update will include the unveiling of a second-generation robot designed to attach the company’s technology to the brain, as well as a demo of neurons ‘firing in real-time’. There will also be an update on the status of human trials in 2020.

Founded by Musk, Neuralink’s goal is to ‘connect humans and computers’, and the start-up aims to do this via the brain chip.

Although details remain scarce – until Friday at least – Musk has said the chip ‘could help control hormone levels and use them to our advantage (enhanced abilities and reasoning, anxiety relief, etc’.


He also confirmed that the mysterious technology would let users ‘listen to music directly from our chips’, via a ‘sewing machine-like’ device connected directly between a computer and a chip inserted within the brain.

To get it fitted, an individual would go through a similar process to laser eye surgery, with the process involving a ‘neurosurgical robot’ that would fit flexible ‘threads’ inside the brain.

However, this process isn’t ready to be unveiled yet, with Musk tweeting in response to a follow-up question about the event: ‘Still far from LASIK, but could get pretty close in a few years.’


Although that might be a way off, fans are still hoping to be blown away by his live demo on Friday. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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    Elon Musk promises demo of a working Neuralink device on Friday

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