Man With With Flip-Flop Fetish Arrested After Stealing 126 Pairs To Make Love To

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Man With With Flip-Flop Fetish Arrested After Stealing 126 Pairs To Make Love ToNewsflare

A man with a flip-flop fetish has been arrested after being found with more than 100 stolen pairs of them in his possession.

Theerapat Klaiya, 24, stole the footwear from homes in his neighbourhood, and later apparently had sex with each of them after several hours of wearing them.


The 24-year-old was arrested after police received dozens of complaints from confused residents saying their flip-flops had gone missing in Nonthaburi, central Thailand.

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Officers were eventually able to identify the suspect using CCTV footage from outside his latest alleged victim’s property. He was arrested on Sunday afternoon, May 24, at his rented home – where officers reportedly found 126 pairs of stolen flip-flops.


Klaiya is said to have admitted stealing the sandals, telling law enforcement he would wear them around his house as it turned him on. The alleged thief said he cuddled and kissed the shoes after wearing them in, before taking his clothes off and rubbing them on his body.

He would then allegedly have sex with them, with Klaiya saying once this process was over he would be finished with that particular pair, resulting in him throwing them aside and going out looking for a new pair.

man with flip flop fetish arrestedNewsflare

Police said Klaiya’s sprawling collection included dozens of different brands, sizes and colours of shoes – all of them well worn – with the vast array of footwear being laid out in front of the Nonthaburi police station as part of a press conference on Monday, May 25.


Klaiya reportedly confessed to three charges of night time theft and snatching, possessing a digital transceiver without permission, and violating the coronavirus curfew, police confirmed.

Police Major Colonel Ekkaphop Prasitwattanachai told local media this was not Klaiya’s first offence, adding that he had committed this specific crime before.

flip flop fetish manNewsflare

Prasitwattanachai explained:


After we arrested the suspect, we also found out that he had already been arrested last year for stealing flip-flops in another district.

He fully admitted stealing the sandals for lewd purposes, so will be detained at the station until a court appearance for prosecutors to decide on the next part of the legal process for him.

Although a flip-flop fetish, at first glance, might seem slightly unusual, it’s actually common for people with foot fetishes to be turned on by specific shoes – in this case, flip-flops.

flip flop fetishNewsflare

Ms. Tomorrow, a professional dominatrix based in Nashville, told Allure there is a ‘wide variety of oddly specific foot fetishists’, with some of her clients being ‘very shoe-orientated’.


‘These submissives really get off on tying shoes and heels to their faces, to be immersed in the smell,’ she explained, adding they often use shoes as a ‘masturbatory aid’.

The dominatrix elaborated that while some of her clients only like heels, others are turned on exclusively by old, dirty boots. And some, it seems, prefer flip-flops.

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