Gogglebox’s Giles And Mary Explain How To Have Perfect Christmas Day

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Gogglebox's Giles And Mary Explain How To Have Perfect Christmas DayAlamy/Channel 4

Wondering how to have the perfect holiday? Well, Gogglebox‘s Giles and Mary are here to help.

Mary Killen and Giles Wood are firm favourites on the hit Channel 4 show. The pair met when they were both 21 and their anecdotes and bickering has charmed fans from the moment they hit our screens.


Now the pair are offering their tips for the perfect Christmas Day, because why not.

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Writing for The Telegraph, Mary compiled a list of her and Giles’ favourite traditions.

First things first, let Grinches sleep. According to Mary, a sure fire way to ruin Christmas day is to wake a Grinch up early.


She said:

Forget about waking them up at 8am – let sleeping Grinches lie in for as long as possible. Once awake, bring them a tea in bed, to show them you are full of the joys of Christmas – but then rush out, leaving them to get on with it.

Sounds like a smart move.

Next on the list of tips: no drinking until midday. We’re going to need some convincing for this one…


Mary explained:

Champagne at 10.28am? A curious idea. A whole day and evening are long enough for people who don’t normally share a house with one another to have to start it with fizz so early in the day.

She added, ‘Who wants to start the day feeling light-headed and hungover by 11.28am?’

Well, it might help the Christmas Eve hangover to start early, hair of the dog and all that.


Next, breakfast. This is where Giles and Mary differ and, honestly, we would’ve love to hear them discuss it on Gogglebox.

According to Mary, there should be absolutely no smoked salmon on Christmas morning.

The Channel 4 star continued:


For some unknown reason, my husband Giles can’t wait to launch into slivers of salmon on Christmas morning… only no one else ever wants to join him; fish breath is a big turn-off on this, the best of family occasions.

Mary then went on to explain that it was important to give five gifts, instead of a plethora of presents.

She noted that their family is ‘like the Royals – who famously give each other small, jokey gifts’. We might try this one, could give the bank account a break after all.


Now, this next one is pretty controversial.

No one eats before 4.00pm. Listen, we’re not going to tell you how to plan your day, Mary has that covered, but if you aren’t waking up to the smell of a roast, something’s gone wrong.

Mary’s other tips include watching just one film, and playing Monopoly in the evening, which surprises us because we’d peg Giles for a board flipper.

Still, we may put a few of Mary’s tips to good use.

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