The Office US v UK Debate Has Been Reignited


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The heated debate as to which version of The Office reigns superior has been reignited on Twitter once again. 

The original – written by and starring Ricky Gervais – has been argued by many as remaing the superior show since the US released its own version of the show. However, a Twitter user has claimed the American version is ‘vastly superior’.


Responding to a tweet by Gervais, a social media user dubbed the UK version ‘so boring’, once more sparking controversy as to which comes out on top.

Gervais, who came under fire for jokes he made about the sitcom’s producer’s disability, is known for his bold and borderline offensive humour.

Ash Atalla and the cast of The Office (PA Images)PA Images

Responding to Gervais’ tweet, which read, ‘If you’re offended by the things I say, try to image the sh*t I think,’ a user called Ciarán voiced the opinion: ‘Ricky Gervais wrote an office comedy so boring that the US remake is considered vastly superior.’


However, the post has sparked backlash, with followers giving their own views on the two different hit series.

The post has since amassed hundreds of comments, with conflicting opinions having been quickly thrown in, adding to the heated debate. One said: ‘Yes, vastly superior. The US Office slapped. British comedy seems to have channelled most of its energies into Mr. Bean and never fully recovered.’

Another commented:


Vastly superior!?! Rolling on the floor laughing
If by that you mean taking an original concept, realising in the first series you haven’t got the ability to pull it off and then reverting to mass market humour then, yeah it’s vastly superior.

I speak as one who greatly enjoyed both for different reasons.

A third wrote: ‘I like both versions but the US version is only considered better by those who don’t understand dark humour and irony.’

Despite the Twitter user’s criticism of Gervais, a poll 18 years after the UK sitcom’s first release revealed the comedian’s best show is still considered to be The Office.

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  1. @Sarklor/ Twitter

    Ricky Gervais wrote an office comedy so boring that the US remake is considered vastly superior

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