People Have Discovered How Twilight Made Vampires Run Fast And It’s Incredible

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People Are Just Discovering How Twilight Made Vampires Run Fast And It's IncredibleSummit Entertainment/chloeewebber/TikTok

People are just discovering how the makers of the Twilight movies made it appear that the vampires were running at inhuman speeds.

I suppose I’d never really thought about it, and simply assumed they must have sped the film up like fast-forwarding an old VHS tape. To clarify, I’m not the most technical person in the world.

Now one TikTok user has shared behind-the-scenes footage of what really went into those speedy vampire shots, and you will never be able to watch that basketball scene in quite the same way ever again.

Check it out below:


TikToker Chloe Webber begins her video explaining that she was left ‘baffled’ after her friends sent her some footage of how they did the ‘fast vampire running’ scenes in the fantasy romance series.

Chloe then reveals a clip of how it was really done, by putting actors on a bizarre looking treadmill pulled along by a vehicle. All the while, the actors run on the spot, at normal, human speeds.

The result looks quite silly, and Chloe could barely contain her laughter, clamping a hand over her mouth before gasping:

I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this.

TwilightSummit Entertainment

Those who’ve seen Chloe’s vid have been left equally baffled, a stake firmly put through any lingering mystery surrounding these sparkling, fast-moving vampires.

One amused person wrote:

No wonder Robert Pattinson hated Twilight so much.

Another commented:

I need the actual scene for comparison now. I’ve never seen Twilight, this makes it seem like it’s a comedy.

People were particularly amused by Esme’s ‘teensy tiny steps’ on the treadmill, with one person remarking that it looked as if she was showing off a new Zumba class routine.

TwilightSummit Entertainment /YouTube

It’s of course still up in the air as to whether this clip is as rib tickling as the behind the scene pics from the wolf scenes, which went viral last year.

For these scenes, Taylor Lautner – who plays werewolf Jacob – had to sport a ‘non-reflective grey outfit’ while in full wolf mode, so that the visual effects team could ‘get the right kind of eye lines and motivation’.

The pics are – unsurprisingly – extremely funny, and honestly gave me renewed respect for the cast for being able to get through their lines without giggling.

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