Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth According To Groundbreaking New NASA Report

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Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth According To Groundbreaking New NASA ReportAlamy/Buena Vista Pictures

‘Welcome to Earth.’ Aliens may have already visited the planet, according to an incredible NASA report. 

It’s naive to believe we’re alone in the universe. Somewhere in another galaxy far, far away, there are other beings; maybe they’re just like us, maybe they look completely different. Nevertheless, the truth is out there, as they say.

Perhaps aliens have already paid a visit to us Earthlings. There is that theory that octopuses are actually from outer space and arrived on the planet via a meteor, but what if other aliens came to Earth – or, gasp, they’re here right now?


NASA provided documents to on November 30 following a Freedom of Information request. It comes after the Pentagon released three declassified UFO videos last year, as well as a report released by the Office of the Director for National Intelligence that detailed 144 ‘encounters’ with unidentified aerial phenomena.

‘One of NASA’s key goals is the search for life in the universe. Although we have yet to find signs of extraterrestrial life, NASA is exploring the solar system and beyond to help us answer fundamental questions, including whether we are alone in the universe,’ Karen Fox, senior science communications officer for NASA, wrote in the FOI documents.

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‘From studying water on Mars, probing promising ‘oceans worlds’, such as Titan and Europa, to looking for biosignatures in the atmospheres of planets outside our solar system, NASA’s science missions are working together with a goal to find unmistakable signs of life beyond Earth.

‘To date, NASA has yet to find any credible evidence of extraterrestrial life, but we are not closed to the possibility that such life exists. We stand ready to support the rest of the government in the search for life in the universe, be it close to home, on the planets or moons of our Solar System or deeper into space. The nature of science is to better understand the unknown.’

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While UAP reports ‘open the door to new science questions to explore’, Fox noted how most sightings ‘result in very limited data… usually video recordings from a single angle that can only be cross-validated with eyewitness testimony. The language of scientists is data. But without access to an extensive set of data, it is nearly impossible to verify or explain any observation’.

‘The lack of robust data, including the lack of access to some existing data, is the central problem for scientific study of UAPs.·In a sense, the discovery of technology from beyond Earth or the signatures of technology on other worlds would constitute the ultimate biosignature,’ she added.

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    National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) emails from Associate Administrator of Communications Marc Etkind containing the word “UAP” or the phrase “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena,” May 26, 2021 - July 18, 2021

Cameron Frew
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