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Drake fans are calling out his 'passive aggressive' reaction to being called old

Drake fans are calling out his 'passive aggressive' reaction to being called old

"I was so tickled someone finally told him"

Drake fans are calling out his 'passive aggressive' reaction to being called old, with some saying the rapper was left 'speechless' by the jibe.

The hilarious exchange unfolded when Drake and fellow rapper Lil Yachty sat down for a 'moody' chat as part of a promo campaign for Futuremood sunglasses.

At one point, they move onto the topic of age as Drake discusses his aim to retire in the future.

Yachty highlights the fact that he previously mentioned his desire to dip out of the music world by the time he turned 35 – which obviously didn't happen, as he's still in it and he turned 36 last October.

Drake expresses regret over the statement, which he estimates he made when he was in his mid-twenties.

"I think that's the one thing that I would maybe say makes me kind of be like ugh, just to think it's so wavy to be young," he says. "It's not that sick."

Drake adds, "I just left 35, right? It's like," before Yachty, who is 25 years old himself, interjects: "You're getting up there."

Clearly taken aback by the comment, Drake says: "Well, alright," before taking a moment to gather his thoughts.

"Just saying," adds Yachty.

The 'One Dance' singer then asks him how old he is, to which he responds to say 25.

Lil Yachty casually roasted Drake.

"Yeah... I can't wait," says Drake. "You're gonna get old as f**k." But before he has time to get a full dig in, Yachty chimes in: "By the time I get old as f**k, you're gonna be in a cane."


Drake tries to carry on roasting, saying: "It's like cool to you that you're 25 – I get it, I was there."

But the contrast of his demeanour with Yachty casually laughing at the situation has left the internet in stitches.

Taking to the comments section, one person wrote: "Bro Drake’s reaction to when Yachty was like 'yeah you’re getting up there' had me ROLLING for three minutes straight hahaha."

Another said, "The passive aggressive response," alongside a laughing emoji.

The rapper had to take a moment.

"Drake the type a guy to say I just left 35," added a third, while a fourth chimed in: "He had Drake flabbergasted, had bro looking to the side."

One TikToker said the 'Yae Energy' rapper left Drake 'speechless', and another wrote: "I was so tickled someone finally told him."

Of course, it was all in good spirits, and overall the fans enjoyed the pair's exchange. Even if Drake did get ripped a new one for being on the wrong side of 35.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Futuremood

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