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Drake says that his outfit is worth $10 million

Drake says that his outfit is worth $10 million

The rapper revealed the hefty price tag attached to just one of his outfits

Ever wondered just how much Drake spends on his wardrobe?

Whatever you thought it was, add a few more millions to the price tag and you'll be closer to the ballpark. Watch the Canadian rapper's outfit rundown here:

Drake - aka Champagne Papi - has been no stranger to a whole bunch of iconic looks throughout the years.

From the famed red puffer-jacket that graced his Hotline Bling music video to the Timberland boots he pairs in just about every off-duty look, Drizzy certainly has an arsenal of looks up his, very expensive, sleeve.

Clearly not just one of the modern figureheads of popular RnB, the Grammy award-winning rapper has revealed just how much he's splashed out on one ensemble.

In a 'How Much Does Your Fit Cost' interview with Chris Smoove, the 36-year-old broke down the elements of his outfit - price tag and all.

Drake, unsurprisingly, has very expensive taste.
The Canadian Press / Alamy Stock Photo

Kicking it off from the top-down, the Smoove asked Drake: "How much are the glasses?"

"The glasses are Tom Brown," the 'Know Yourself' rapper began, "I don't really know how much they are. I lost them like 10 times."

Imagine being that casual about losing the top-dollar designer specs...

"How much are the earrings?" Smoove continued, which made Drake think a bit more about his answer, before guestimating 'like $600 each'.

So, with just the frames and some ear bling the total cost has already hit way over a grand.

"I see that chain," Smoove said before asking the rapper how much it was.

Sending the small crowd around him into a frenzy, Drake casually dropped: "You should probably save that for last."

The rapper took part in a 'How Much Does Your Fit Cost' interview.

Swiftly moving on, Drake revealed his red and white 'old Jack Hamilton' jacket was 'probably four bills or something'.

For anyone not clued up on Drake's lingo - four 'bills' means four hundred dollars.

The cashmere shirt, from Bottega, was also priced at 'four bills'.

Even without knowing the price of the Tom Brown glasses, the outfit already stands at a massive $2,000.

Taking things in a different direction for the bottom half, Drizzy explained that he 'made' his own trousers, saying: "Yeah, I made these. I don't know."

While he didn't know the exact price of his Loewe boots, he did admit that he probably wears them 'way too much'.

Loewe boots can retail for over a grand, FYI.

Drake forked out a whopping $10 million for his chain alone.

Circling back on the chain again, Drake finally dropped just how much cash he spent on one of the final pieces of bling.

"Honestly," he began, "I'm embarrassed to say it but probably nine or..."

Finally giving the answer, Drake admitted: "Over 10 m's for sure."

$10 million just casually hanging round your neck? It's a good day to be Drizzy indeed.

If that wasn't enough, Drake still had one more piece to disclose the price of.

Not as much but still incredibly enviable, his watch also cost a staggering $900k.

After paying over $10 million for a single outfit, it's clear that Drake truly encapsulates what it means to be a luxurious 'Champagne Papi' after all.

Featured Image Credit: @champagnepapi/Instagram/@christoosmoove/TikTok

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