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Drake ruthlessly mocked by fans over his hands

Drake ruthlessly mocked by fans over his hands

Unfortunately for Drake, his braggy social media post about an eye-wateringly expensive watch has backfired

Unfortunately for Drake, his braggy post about an eye-wateringly expensive watch has backfired, with many fans poking fun at the rapper’s incredibly manicured hands.

Re-posting Drake’s Instagram video, in which he showed off his new piece of wrist candy, a Twitter user named Kara wrote: “Drake hands look like he's never touched an inconvenience in his life.”

It didn’t take long for thousands of people to retweet Kara’s post, with many adding their own jokes at poor old Drake’s expense. 

Another social media user quipped: “Those are the hands of a French diplomat,” while a second echoed: “Man got the hands of a heiress.”

A third social media user tweeted: “He got the prettiest hands I ever seen on a man,” and a fourth commented: “His hands look like they feel like clouds. This ain’t fair. I use lotion everyday. What am I doing wrong?”

A fifth replied: “Leave my man alone. I’ll handle all his inconveniences.”

UNILAD has reached out to Drake’s representative for comment. With any luck, they can tell us what his hand cream of choice is. 

Drake would likely see the funny side of Kara’s post, considering earlier this month he took to social media to do a little gibing of his own. 

Ever the cheeky chappy, on Monday 8 August, Drake posted a portrait of himself inked onto his dad’s arm on Instagram, writing: “I was just sitting here thinking why you do me like this we family.”

Unfortunately for Drake, his braggy post about an eye-wateringly expensive watch has backfired.
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To be fair, the tattoo was incredibly peculiar looking, and Drake’s dad Dennis was quick to respond to his famous son’s post, writing: “I love you and miss you,” before adding: “Hahaha I had 16 people to try and straighten this out, they’re hurting me.”

In 2018, Dennis got the tattoo touched up by Toronto-based artist Inal Bersekov, who shared a before and after snap on Instagram, and in the end result, Drake looks a lot less like an entirely different person. 

After being put on blast, Money Mike - the tattoo artist behind Dennis’s original inking - said the reason his portrait of Drake wasn’t up to scratch was because Dennis was in so much pain at the four-hour mark that he rushed Mike to wrap up the job. 

The tattooist also insisted that Dennis initially loved the piece, but ‘once Drake saw the tat everything changed’. Or, as Drake would have it, nothing was the same. 

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