Stephen King Reveals Favourite Movie Adaptation Of His Work

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Stephen King Reveals Favourite Movie Adaptation Of His WorkWarner Bros./PA Images

Stephen King has revealed what his favourite movie adaptation of his books is, and it’s probably not what you’d expect.

King shot to fame in the 70s after the release of his horror/supernatural fiction novel Carrie. The book was published in 1974, before going on to be made into a film two years later.

Since then, King has released an impressive 63 novels, over 200 short stories and sold more than 350 million copies – many of which have been made into films.

All this work has earned him the title of ‘King of horror‘.

Take a tour of Stephen King’s hometown Bangor, which inspired many of his stories:


As well as Carrie, other well-known King adaptations include IT, Doctor Sleep, Shawshank Redemption and The Shining, to name a few.

While many would expect Shawshank Redemption to be King’s favourite, which generated $58.3 million at the box office at the time of its release in 1995, it turns out that Stand By Me, the film adaptation of his book The Body, is his number one favourite, ScreenRant reports.

Stand By Me was directed by Rob Reiner and released in 1986.

When asked what his favourite adaptation was in a resurfaced interview with Rolling Stone, King said:

Probably Stand by Me. I thought it was true to the book, and because it had the emotional gradient of the story. It was moving. I think I scared the sh*t out of Rob Reiner. He showed it to me in the screening room at the Beverly Hills Hotel. I was out there for something else, and he said, ‘Can I come over and show you this movie?’ And you have to remember that the movie was made on a shoestring.

Stand by Me (Columbia Pictures)Columbia Pictures

‘It was supposed to be one of those things that opened in six theatres and then maybe disappeared. And instead it went viral. When the movie was over, I hugged him because I was moved to tears, because it was so autobiographical,’ King continued.

While Stand By Me was his all-time favourite, he noted that the likes of Shawshank Redemption, alongside The Green Mile and Misery, were also some he liked.

He added that Dolores Claiborne was a ‘really, really good film’, and branded Cujo as ‘terrific’.

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