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Fan finds hidden detail from Netflix’s Sex Education’s finale that changes entire ending
Featured Image Credit: Netflix

Fan finds hidden detail from Netflix’s Sex Education’s finale that changes entire ending

A Sex Education fan thinks that they've found a 'crazy' Easter egg in the finale

Warning: Spoilers ahead

An eagle-eyed Sex Education viewer has uncovered a huge Easter egg in the series finale.

The well-loved Netflix series recently drew to a permanent close, meaning that it was the last we'll see of former Moordale High students such as Otis, Eric, Maeve, Adam and Ruby.

A lot of characters got their happy ending; Eric and Otis repaired their friendship, Adam and his dad began to make amends, Ruby actually started to turn into a decent human being and Aimee found love with Maeve's former flame, Isaac.

But it wasn't all sunshines and rainbows for everyone as fan favorite couple Maeve and Otis broke up.

Following her mum's passing, Maeve decided to go back to school in America (with the help and encouragement from Otis' mum, Jean) and they both realised that a long-distance relationship wasn't feasible.

With this in mind, they ended their romance and broke the hearts of Sex Education viewers worldwide.

Maeve penned a heartfelt letter to Otis before jetting back to the States after their split.

Fans had hoped that Otis and Maeve's romance would last.

Part of it read: "Dear Otis, you know I hate soppy romantic stuff, so don't get your hopes up. This isn't a love letter.

"When we first met, I didn't trust anyone. I thought that if I kept everybody out, I'd stop myself from being hurt or let down, which is what I was used to.

"Then we set the clinic up together and I realised that most of the people who came to us for help really just needed connection. And maybe I wasn't so different.

"You have the rare ability to make people feel truly seen. And you did the same for me. It was this, and your relentless optimism about human beings, that gave me the courage to start opening myself up to other people."

Fans think there was more to Maeve's letter.

She concluded the letter with: "I think what I'm trying to say is: Thanks for everything, dickhead."

While that seemed to be the end of it, an avid Sex Education fan (and evident Maeve and Otis stan) thinks they've spotted that there was more.

"Maeve didn’t read the whole of the letter!" they penned on Reddit.

"I saw Sex Ed’s latest Twitter post about the letter and decided to rotate and flip it…

"The last paragraph says: 'You changed my life Otis Milburn and I think I did the same for you. I’m sure this isn’t the end of our story. Maeve x'.

"Motis hive WE WON!"

The discovery has sparked a debate online, with some questioning if it makes the series ending better or worse.

"I actually heard the letter originally was different, but then changed. Insane find i love to see this! I would like to see the full letter with the first version," someone wrote.

"This one seems more hopeful 'this isnt the end of our story' already tells they will reunite in the future. i love this a lot more than the goodbye one where it felt forced and bit random that they will never see each other again lol."

A second said: "This really explains much better the final scene of the two looking out the window alone and thinking about each other...."

"It's amazing! I'm so sad they didn't leave this version in the show. I heard Emma [Mackey] had to do a reread of the letter in July so prob they changed it then," a third went on.

With the latest season definitely being the last for Sex Education, I guess we'll never really know if there was a future for Maeve and Otis or not...

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