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Archer is officially coming to an end with its upcoming 14th season

Archer is officially coming to an end with its upcoming 14th season

After more than a decade of saving the world, everyone's favorite spy is hanging up his night vision goggles.

After 13 seasons and one more on the way, Archer is officially coming to an end.

The legendary animated spy series has seen its protagonist go on some wild adventures over the years.

However, all good things must come to an end eventually and it looks like the curtain is falling on the beloved show.

The Hollywood Reporter says the 14th season will debut on FXX on August 30.

The instalment will open with two episodes that will drop on Hulu the following day.

The synopsis for the upcoming season states: "Archer and The Agency are finding their own way with Lana at the helm.

"Her goal is to make money while also making the world a better place, but she quickly finds out running a spy agency isn’t so cut and dry.”


IGN says there's no word on how many more episodes we'll get from the 14th season of Archer and that's because FX switched up the game on this one.

The TV network didn't announce a formal season renewal for Archer for the final instalment.

However, if we look at previous seasons then we might be able to hazard a guess.

From season one to 10, there were 13 episodes, however 11, 12 and 13 only had eight episodes.

So, we could only be getting eight or the writers might elongate the 14th season to give it a proper farewell.

After debuting in 2009, the show has since received 10 Emmy nominations with four wins.

They took out Best Animated Series in 2016.

The show went through a bit of an awkward stage when the star, Sterling Archer, fell into a coma.


Over the course of three seasons, it was a completely different show.

Instead of Sterling and the gang working for an international spy organization, they were in a variety of different settings.

They were stuck on an island for one season, in a film noir-style plot in another, and also on a spaceship.

The diversion from the regular plot divided viewers; some thought it was a fresh take on the characters, while others thought it was a step in the wrong direction.

Amber Nash, who plays Pam on the series, told Screen Rant: "It's wonderful that people still love the show and watch it and stick with us.

"I think that because the show has changed so much, that's what keeps people engaged, because you never know what's going to happen on Archer.

"Some people didn't love seasons changing and stuff being weird, but it's also what kept it fresh. So yeah, it's really fun."

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