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DoorDash delivery driver refuses to fulfil order after customer turns down his 'dangerous' request
Featured Image Credit: @rebeccarogersofficial/TikTok

DoorDash delivery driver refuses to fulfil order after customer turns down his 'dangerous' request

It was a very strange interaction.

A DoorDash driver's interaction with a female customer has been described as a 'parade of red flags' after he refused to hand over her food unless she complied with his 'dangerous' request.

Explaining the ordeal on TikTok, Rebecca Rogers shared the story of her friend's behalf.

Rebecca told her 2.9 million followers: “My friend ordered DoorDash. The driver calls her, she answers assuming there’s a problem, maybe he’s lost.

"The guy says, ‘Hey, I have your food, I’m here.’

"She said, ‘OK, you can leave it at the door.’ [He says] ‘But like, I’m here, you’re not just going to come get it from me?'"

When she asked him to confirm if she'd put a leave at door request or not, he told her that she did - but apparently it was the 'least she could do' to physically take the order from him.

Going on to assure him that handing her the order 'wasn't part of [his] job', the DoorDasher supposedly accused her of wasting his time and called her an 'effing b-word'.

The woman then said when she went to get her food ten to 20 minutes later, it looked like the Dasher had aggressively thrown the food bag down.

The DoorDash driver wouldn't leave her food at the door as requested.
Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Rebecca's friend was unsure if she was in the wrong in the situation, but she assured her: "Girl, no. A random strange man at your door having a temper tantrum that you won’t come out and interact with him? That sounds so dangerous."

Many have since echoed similar sentiments to Rebecca and urged her friend to report the Dasher's odd behavior.

"As a doordash driver, please report him," someone wrote. "This is a serious safety issue and he should be deactivated."

"She needs to report it to DoorDash immediately," said a second.

"She absolutely needs to report to DoorDash," another added.

Elsewhere, someone described the ordeal as 'a whole parade of red flags', while a different TikTok user labelled the delivery guy as 'fishy'.

UNILAD has contacted DoorDash for comment.

While some might prefer to have their orders left at their door - it does come with its risks, as Caterina Sevares learnt for herself.

Last month, Caterina went to her door to pick up her order to find a trio of racoons had got to it first.

She documented the comical ordeal, which quickly went viral.

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