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Woman mortified after raccoons steal and destroy her DoorDash delivery
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/cat_sevaress

Woman mortified after raccoons steal and destroy her DoorDash delivery

Apparently racoons 'run' her apartment block

A woman was left quite surprised to discover her takeout had been stolen by unexpected thieves.

Caterina Sevares was looking forward to her taco Tuesday order via DoorDash, but opened her door to find her delivery had already been rummaged through.

It wasn't a hungry DoorDash delivery person who decided to break into her order however, but a cheeky racoon.

In the clip shared to TikTok earlier this week, Caterina is seen opening her apartment door to find her DoorDash bag nibbled on and two of her tacos on the floor.

She then pans the camera round to show a sheepish looking racoon staring back at her.

It then slowly walks forward a bit and stands on it back legs as Caterina (who goes by @cat_sevaress on the video sharing platform) joked that it was 'squaring up' to her.

Meanwhile, one of the racoon's fellow furry friends is seen loitering in the background after likely being in on the taco action too.

"I just wanted tacos man," Caterina wrote on the video.

Caterina's order was all over the floor.

Elsewhere she quipped that 'raccoons run my apartment complex'.

While she only posted the video days ago, Caterina's video has already gone viral and amassed a huge 5.2 million views on TikTok.

And people have had some hilarious responses to the clip - especially as the racoon appeared to try and come back for seconds.

"He came back and was like you might as well let me have the rest," someone quipped.

"He really stood up and said I bet you won’t fight about it," said a second.

Another person laughed: "He was STANDING ON BUSINESS."

Others asked how long it was left outside if the racoon was able to steal it, and Caterina replied that she'd been in the shower at the time the order arrived.

Others noted that each time they watched the video they spotted another racoon and, if you look close enough, there's actually three of them.

There were another two racoons in the background.

A third one briefly appears at the top of the stairs at the beginning of the video.

One person said: "Every time I watch the video there’s another raccoon I notice."

Echoing similar sentiments, another TikToker wrote: "EACH TIME I WATCH I SEE MORE RACCOONS."

Others asked if Caterina still ate her order, and she confirmed that she (of course) did not.

Meanwhile, she admitted that the ordeal was a 'lesson learned'.

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