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Mom left stunned after hairstylist refuses to let her in to watch daughter’s hair appointment
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@chinaanntrice

Mom left stunned after hairstylist refuses to let her in to watch daughter’s hair appointment

She took to TikTok to open up about the situation

A mom has been left stunned after a hairstylist refused to let her in to her daughter's hair appointment.

To be honest, it is perfectly normal for a parent to not want their young children in the company of a stranger completely by themselves.

So with that in mind, it doesn't come as a surprise that one TikTok mom wanted to go with her daughter while she got her hair done.

China Anntrice was left scratching her head after booking her daughter in to get braids, only to find out last minute she wouldn't even be allowed to attend the appointment.

China was left scratching her head.

China ultimately took to the video-sharing platform to share the situation with her followers and asked for their honest opinion.

And, the internet was pretty divided as to who was in the wrong.

"I follow this girl on [Instagram]… she braids kid’s hair, adult hair - she braids everybody’s hair, right?” China began the TikTok video.

"I noticed that she braids really well."

China said she is careful when it comes to picking who she lets braid her kid's hair, but she quickly decided on this one hairstylist that seemed like the perfect match.

Ahead of the appointment, the stylist apparently left multiple reminders that 'no guests' would be permitted at the appointment.

However, China didn't think this would include a parent - leaving her utterly gobsmacked when she was refused entry.

The mom claimed she received a text on the day of the appointment informing her she could walk her daughter to the stylist's house but would not be allowed to enter.

"I can’t come in? First of all, I don’t know you from a man on the moon, I don’t know you. Secondly, she’s seven years old - seven!" China exclaimed in the video.




In a follow up video, China revealed that she did, in fact, let her child go into the appointment alone.

She explained: "I did let her go in because, one, I talked to my mom before I even made the rant. And two, she had her tablet with her.

"So, of course, I sat outside the house and could video chat her, which I did. We talked through text, everything."

The mom added: "My daughter's hair came out beautiful. It was so neat. The best braider she ever went to thus far."

The mom was refused entry to the appointment.

Nonetheless, viewers have been left divided by the original story.

One penned: "Nah I would NEVER leave my daughter alone with a stranger. Ever."

Another added: "Absolutely not. There’s NO reason why she would need her to be alone. Hell no."

On the other hand, some hairstylists revealed why the rule may be in place.

One wrote: "As a kid braider, I know kids act worse when the parent is there. So I get her [point of view]. Parents don’t have to leave but leave out of the kid’s view."

A second remarked: "As a stylist I prefer the parents to leave but I never mind if they want to stay. Especially for the first appointment. You don’t know her!"

Someone else claimed: "I braid hair & 95% of the mother's leave their children. They act so much better without their parents there."

What do you think?

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