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Woman asks followers to guess her age and their response leaves her wanting to make serious change
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@christiecloggs

Woman asks followers to guess her age and their response leaves her wanting to make serious change

She was mortified to learn how old they thought she was

We'd all like to think we look younger than our years - but one TikToker was in for a nasty shock when she asked her followers how old they thought she was.

Christie Clark, also known as @christiecloggs on the social media platform, is a brand marketing specialist from the UK and regularly shares various book-related videos with her 7000 followers on TikTok.

After a recent live video, when someone commented that they thought she was the 'same age as them', 34, Christie realized many of her followers 'didn't know her age'.

So she posted a video asking them to take a guess.

In the short clip, she asks: "How old do you think I am?"

Adding: "I come on here every day and talk about books and I just want to check how old do you think I am because I'm not sure I give off the right vibes for my age."

The video, which has been viewed more than 227k times, garnered quite the reaction with more than 2000 comments weighing in on Christie's question.

And some of their responses were less than ideal.

One person wrote: "I wanna say like 35," while another said: "Early 30s but from your style it’s more 50+ & rich."

"40, but like a 40 year old mum in the early 00's," commented a third.

And a fourth added: "I’d say 28-30, but your hair, makeup, etc. ages you by about 10 years."

Christie, who later revealed that she's actually 26, was flabbergasted by the response and says she's reconsidering her look after so many people said it aged her.

In a follow-up video she explained: "I’m currently making plans to sell my entire wardrobe on [online marketplace] Vinted, and just start again from scratch because apparently, my clothes and the way I style myself makes me look a lot older than I am."

26-year-old Christie was mortified to learn how old her followers thought she was.

Christie explained the context behind her original video, before adding that the video has gained 'a lot of traffic' as a lot of people have tried to guess how old she is.

She continued: "I’m 26, by the way. Lots of people were saying 40."

However, she added that she doesn't really mind the comments as it 'kind of solidifies what she was trying to figure out anyway'.

"If any of you have advice on how I can start looking a bit more my age, it would be appreciated." Christie added.

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