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Woman explains why she refused to tip on her 7-hour hair appointment and leaves people divided
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@antidietpilot

Woman explains why she refused to tip on her 7-hour hair appointment and leaves people divided

The woman paid over $300 for her braids

A woman has gone viral for sharing her thoughts on tipping her hairdresser.

Justice took to TikTok in recent days following a 7.5 hour braiding appointment with her stylist.

The woman explained that she paid $350 for her new 'do and, while she usually tips, she decided not to that day.

Explaining it was the first time she'd not tipped her hair stylist, she said: "I was fuelled with anxiety, especially when I hand over the cash and she starts counting it."

And it wasn't because she unhappy with the service.

Showing off her hair, Justice went on: "For reference, this was $350 to get done. These are small, knotless and this is a French curl braid."

She further shared that she paid cash for her appointment and commuted to the hairdresser's home where she works from.

"I just did not feel tipping was necessary on this service," she further explained in the clip that's since had over five million views.

Justice said she was happy with her braids.

Justice explained that she felt $350 was a substantial fee to pay, working out that her hairdresser will have made around $40 an hour.

Continuing to defend her decision not to tip, Justice said: "A lot of people say that tipping is how you say thank you, but to me saying thank you is respecting people's policies, arriving to your appointment on time, being respectful of the space you're in, letting them take photos of their work after, or maybe telling your friends [about the hairdresser].

"That to me is how you say thank you. We don't need to bump someone's $40 an hour work up to $45 to say thank you."

Justice's sentiments have left her fellow TikTokers divided as some understood where she's coming from, while others think she should have left a tip.

Someone wrote: "I'm so sick of tipping. I ordered a pizza to pick up and the receipt at checkout asked for a tip. For what? I'm picking it up."

Her braids cost $350 to get done.

"I’m from the UK and find the tipping in the USA is wild," added another.

Meanwhile, a hairdresser said: "I purposely set my prices for what I need to live and tell everyone tipping is not necessary. The best tip is just to come back, tell your friends."

But others think a monetary gift is important.

"You felt awkward because you know it was expected. Don’t be surprised if she is busy when you try to rebook - I would be," said one TikTok user.

Noting that Justice raved about the service she received, a different person penned: "If she was the best you’ve ever had I def would’ve left at least 20$ or something at that point it wouldn’t break the bank."

Elsewhere it was pointed out that many service-focused occupations will say 'tips are appreciated not expected'.

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