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Passive aggressive tipping 'trick' has left people furious
Featured Image Credit: Popular Click Photography / Alamy Stock Photo Facebook / Tyler Ann Marie Williams

Passive aggressive tipping 'trick' has left people furious

If you're in a place where you tip the staff please don't do this really annoying 'trick'

People have plenty of opinions on tipping and tipping culture but there's one approach that pretty much everyone can agree is the wrong way to do things.

You might think it's a necessary expense to put money in the pockets of the hard working and chronically underpaid, or a payment towards propping up a broken system which screws over the server and customer.

Some of you might even think that tipping culture has gone too far, with some services you didn't tip for before now expecting you to offer up extra cash, so figuring out what the right thing to do is can be difficult.

However, there's one tipping 'trick' which is pretty much guaranteed to make whomever is serving you your food absolutely hate you.

We're not saying they'd be spitting in your food or anything but you would make yourself pretty much the least popular person in the place immediately.

"He put down a $5 tip and said he'd take one away each time I did something he didn't like. Cheapskate p***k."
Popular Click Photography / Alamy Stock Photo

A few years back someone very proud of their idea posted it to Facebook and claimed it was the ticket to 'the best service of your life', everyone else agreed that it was a passive aggressive d**k move of the highest order.

This 'trick' involves putting five $1 bills on the table as soon as you sit down and then for every mistake you think they make regarding your service you take a bill away.

Suddenly every interaction with your server is putting them under the spotlight, with every perceived error resulting in the withdrawal of tipping funds.

People had plenty of holes to poke in this idea, not least because a $5 tip would be a really low amount for many people choosing to dine out for the evening.

There's a bit of a debate raging over how much you ought to tip and it varies depending on which country you're in but $5 is a low amount and if you're pulling out money for every slip-up that figure is soon to tumble further.

Pictured: $5 belonging to someone who definitely made their server fantasise about tipping their meal over their head.
Facebook / Tyler Ann Marie Williams

Once the internet caught wind of this they really didn't hold back, slamming the idea as a 'c**t act' that would be done by 'sad little trashy people'.

A waitress chipped in to the debate to say only 'condescending b******s' would pull a stunt like that and vowed to 'try my hardest to make your food unenjoyable' to customers who were unpleasant.

They say it costs nothing to be polite and being nice to someone working a busy job with lots to mentally and physically juggle really shouldn't be all that difficult.

Others pointed out that this trick had been used in sitcoms Cheers and Third Rock From The Sun.

In Cheers the stunt ended with the tipper getting a whole drink of beer dumped over his head for being unpleasant, while Third Rock From The Sun depicted a family of aliens who landed on Earth and had no idea how to behave properly.

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