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Server slams customers for only tipping 5% as he urges people to tip more amid cost of living crisis
Featured Image Credit: Blazikenben/tiktok

Server slams customers for only tipping 5% as he urges people to tip more amid cost of living crisis

But people on TikTok think his anger is misdirected.

It's no secret that life can be hard as a server, especially when your customers don't pay you well.

Now, one server has taken TikTok to call out 'bad tippers' who only leave 5% amid the cost of living crisis - and said it needs to be a lot more.

Ben Raanan, better known as @blazikenben, said that previously acceptable tipping amounts simply won't cut it these days.

"Inflation means that $10 is not worth that much anymore," he said. "You can't just leave a little cute five, a little cute ten for your server, and think that that's like fun and cute. It's not fun and cute.

"If your bill is like $50 you can leave ten, that's 20 percent. If your bill was $200 and you leave me ten dollars, that's five percent. That’s f***ed up. That’s a f***ing insult."

Ben doesn't even think 10% is a good tip.
TikTok / @blazikenben

In a bid to combat the situation, Ben said that he is now planning to confront bad tippers about their actions because it suggests they weren't happy with the service.

"If you come back to my f***ing restaurant after leaving me five percent - honestly, even ten percent - I'm gonna say something. I'm gonna be like, 'Was there a problem with your service last time? Because you tipped 10%, 5% - and that is not a good tip at all.' I'm going to put you on the spot.

"Servers, we honestly need to start doing that, because this is f***ed up, people shouldn't be doing that.

"If you don't know how to calculate a tip - take the bill, move it decimal point, that's 10%. Double it, that's 20% - that's what you should tip."

The server thinks low tippers are insulting.
TikTok / @blazikenben

As you can imagine, Ben's video went far from unnoticed on TikTok, and people did not agree with his opinion at all.

One viewer who thought the 20 percent request was too much slammed: "I tip when the food is good and the service is above and beyond. You aren't entitled to a 20% tip, if you don't like it then get another job [sic]."

A second agreed, writing: "Do not blame the customers, blame your boss for not paying you what you deserve."

"I’m so tired of servers being sooooo entitled," wrote a third viewer. "INFLATION EFFECTS US ALL."

A fourth noted: "20% of 200 is 40 im sorry im not paying 40 bucks for a tip [sic]."

"I never understood why I had to tip more just because the food was expensive?" questioned a fifth. "The service stays the same if my plate was $10 vs $40 [sic]."

What do you think? Would you ever regularly tip 20 percent?

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