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DoorDash delivery driver leaves customer ‘nasty’ note after assuming she wouldn’t tip
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/tameraaw

DoorDash delivery driver leaves customer ‘nasty’ note after assuming she wouldn’t tip

The DoorDash driver was clearly embarrassed after realizing her mistake

A DoorDash customer has revealed the 'nasty' note her driver slipped into her order after assuming she wouldn't be tipped for the job.

TikTok user Tamera captivated viewers when she shared a video of her recent encounter with the DoorDash driver, who had collected the customer's order from Popeyes.

Tamera hadn't added a tip when she'd placed her order on the app, but her food had at least made it further than some of the other no-tip orders that have previously gone viral.

Many drivers choose not to accept orders with no tip, leaving the food to go cold at the restaurant, while others go as far as to throw the order away right in front of customers.

However, while this particular driver did successfully deliver the food, she added a note into the order to scold Tamera for failing to tip.

The DoorDash driver apologized as she delivered the food.

It wasn't until she arrived and saw the customer with a cash tip in hand that she realized she'd messed up.

In the Ring doorcam footage, the DoorDash driver could be seen telling the customer to keep her cash, saying: "I didn't see a tip on the app and I put a little card in there."

Tamera later told Newsweek she'd decided to hand over cash because she's 'had food stolen before and DoorDash reimburses you everything but the tip'.

"We held on to it thinking it would be fine when the driver arrived," she explained.

The driver ultimately walked away without taking the cash, but TikTok users were desperate to know what she'd written on the note after Tamera shared the video with a caption reading: "POV: your Door Dasher leaves a nasty note in your food thinking you wouldn't tip."

In a follow up video, Tamera obliged to the requests and shared an image of the note she'd found among her food.

Tamera shared the note on TikTok.

It read: "Lucky for you, I didn't bother the food but next time consider tipping your driver."

Tamera was no doubt thankful to know her food hadn't been tampered with, though it's disturbing to think that's a possibility for anyone who doesn't tip.

TikTok viewers have been left shocked by the note, with one person responding: "Nobody’s obligated to tip though, people are insane."

Another pointed out that the driver did not 'have to accept [Tamera's] order', adding: "That’s what i don’t get."

DoorDash itself added a comment to the video, saying: "Regardless of the tip, they shouldn't have left any type of rude note at all. Period."

Tamera said her 'opinion' of the driver didn't change after she read the note, as she explained: "I was thinking if she was a bad person she could've still taken my money and just drove away by the time I ever saw the note."

"I felt bad for the misunderstanding and that I had done it to others and probably frustrated them too," Tamera added. Though she expressed hope the driver may have now realize that 'some people want their services rendered before tipping'.

The company has also confirmed it is looking in to the incident.

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