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Delivery driver throws customer’s order on the ground because they didn’t leave a tip

Delivery driver throws customer’s order on the ground because they didn’t leave a tip

The driver didn't need words to convey their thoughts about the lack of tip

Footage from a Ring doorbell camera shows the moment a delivery driver furiously throws a customer's order to the ground because they didn't leave a tip.

There's no argument: getting tipped for your work is great, whatever industry you're in.

Extra cash is always welcome, encouraged, and has definitely come to be expected in serving and delivery jobs, but unfortunately for those in the industry, it's not a requirement.

Still, the aforementioned expectation to be tipped means that workers can end up feeling deflated when they receive nothing from the customer from their work.

Most of the time, this frustration is kept internal, or perhaps vented to co-workers, or even the internet.

Rarely does it end up in the complete destruction of a customer's order - but that kind of response definitely is impossible.

Tipping is typically expected when ordering food.

I know that thanks to this footage from a doorbell camera, which caught a DoorDash driver arriving to a customer's home with an order.

In the video, the driver asked: "Are you supposed to pay me?"

The homeowner responded to say they'd 'paid you with the app', with the driver countering that on the order 'it says zero'.

The delivery driver was then told that a tip hadn't been part of the order, leading to a long, awkward silence before they were asked: "Can I have my food?"

Rather than handing over the order in the way you might expect - aka, putting it into the customer's hands - the driver came up with a new way to complete the delivery.

Their method involved flinging the food away into the garden, and walking off.

Needless to say, the customer wasn't happy.

The delivery driver threw the order away after hearing there wouldn't be a tip.

The doorbell camera went on to pick up a shouted conversation over what had just happened, and was shared online with the caption: "I don't have to leave a tip! End of story."

The video quickly caught the attention of viewers across the internet, with many responding to the video to share their thoughts on the situation.

Most people agreed that the driver was in the wrong for throwing the order to the ground, with one pointing out: "Do they not understand they will lose their job."

Another took the side of the poster as they wrote: "Tipping isn't a requirement."

However, there were plenty of other commenters who thought the person ordering the food really should have left a tip.

One person who said they worked for DoorDash revealed they don't accept orders that don't come with tips.

Another expressed their shock that the customer wouldn't tip someone who brought food to your door, suggesting they should instead have collected the food themselves if they didn't want to tip their driver.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@dashdropfood

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