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Woman who died two days after giving birth predicted her own death
Featured Image Credit: GoFundMe / Tempura/Getty

Woman who died two days after giving birth predicted her own death

As she got closer to her due date, her health appeared to worsen

A devastated dad is raising his child alone after his partner died two days after giving birth.

After a long period of time where she struggled to conceive, Jasmine Patton, of Chattanooga, Tennessee, finally managed to get pregnant following multiple rounds of in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Her husband, Edgar Patton, said his wife became concerned with the abnormally high rates of maternal mortality in the US - known to impact more Black women.

Jasmine and Edgar Patton.

"She was worried about being a good mom and she was worried about giving birth," the dad told Good Morning America.

"She would watch TikTok videos of some woman having complications, and she was worried about having those complications [herself]."

It was an incredibly difficult time for Jasmine, with Edgar saying his wife would 'begin to cry because she was worried about something happening' during her pregnancy.

During her first two trimesters she suffered from extreme morning sickness, as well as fatigue and shortness of breath throughout.

As she got closer to her due date, Jasmine's health appeared to worsen.

"She was more tired than what she normally was," Edgar explained. "She got to a point where she couldn't eat. All she did was sleep."

Jasmine tragically died two days after her baby girl was delivered.
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Jasmine's symptoms got so bad that she couldn't go to work. Despite that, doctors told her there were no reasons to be concerned and what was happening was 'part of pregnancy'.

But on 28 September everything changed, as Edgar received a phone call while at work, telling him his wife had been taken to hospital.

Edgar said Jasmine's condition deteriorated by the hour, and she tragically died two days after her baby girl was delivered via an emergency cesarean section.

Jasmine's cause of death was put down to acute fatty liver of pregnancy, which resulted in a liver failure.

Edgar Patton will now bring up his daughter alone.
Good Morning America

A GoFundMe page has since been set up, with the money being kept for baby Emery's college education.

The initial $20,000 target has been surpassed, with over $25,000 raised to date.

Set up by the CVICU CHI Memorial Hospital, the crowdfunding page describes Jasmine as 'the life of every party'.

It adds: "She was kind, smart, beautiful, and had the best wit and sense of humor. She loved her family and never had a friend that didn’t become her family'."

After spending two weeks in intensive care, Emery is now home with her dad and is said to be doing well.

"I want her to know everything about her mom - who she was, her personality, her love, most definitely, how much she wanted to have a baby and how excited she was when we finally did get pregnant," Edgar said. "I just want her to know her mom really loved her and she was ready to be a mom.... She was scared but she was ready."

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