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Restaurant hits back after being fined thousands of dollars for staff wearing revealing clothing
Featured Image Credit: YouTube/ KCAL News/ Instagram / ojoslocos_downeyca

Restaurant hits back after being fined thousands of dollars for staff wearing revealing clothing

Downey enforced a city-wide dress code back in 2022

A Mexican-themed restaurant has spoken out after being fined thousands of dollars over its revealing staff uniforms.

Ojos Locos Sports Cantina is a chain of sports bars and restaurants with various branches throughout the southwest of America.

However, one location in Downey, California, has faced particular scrutiny after facing backlash from the city's authorities over its waitresses' uniforms, so much so, it's received a hefty fine.

A city-wide dress code was implemented in Downey in March 2022 just ahead of Ojos Locos restaurant coming to the city.

Mayor at the time, Blanca Pacheco, said in a statement: "The City of Downey realizes that the future opening of the restaurant, ‘Ojos Locos Sports Cantina’, has caused concern among residents in the community. The City would like to assure its residents that it values their input and takes concerns seriously.

"In response to this, the Downey City Council will consider amending the Downey Municipal Code at its upcoming City Council meeting, scheduled for March 8th, to review and establish employee dress standards for all restaurants and bars in Downey.

"Keeping our residents in mind, we will address their concerns to help regulate employee attire at this establishment."

The dress code was passed and specifies food handlers have to wear clothing which covers at least three inches below the bum and that food servers can't show any part of their chest three inches below the collar bone, or any midriff, CBS News reports.

The restaurant has been accused of not meeting the city-wide dress code.

While current Downey Major Mario Trujillo says the restaurant agreed to adhere to the city's dress code when it first opened, he told CBS News the chain might not have understood the details of the code given it's received complaints about the uniform.

Marilyn Johnson - who goes to a church opposite the restaurant - branded the uniform 'inappropriate'.

The restaurant has since been fined $4,000 over the dress code, however it's now hit back.

The restaurant has been fined $4,000.

In a statement, as quoted by The Downey Patriot, General Counsel Dawn Diaz who is representing Ojos Locos branded the dress code 'both unenforceable and unlawful'.

She continued: "We are requesting that the city not target and discriminate against the female gender that we hire as Chicas, immediately refund all fees paid, and revoke said ordinance."

A spokesperson also said, as per CBS News, that the restaurant's uniform of 'skorts and T-shirts are legal and appropriate for [the] restaurant's theme'.

They added: "We look forward to winning our appeal and being reimbursed for the unwarranted fines levied."

UNILAD has contacted Ojos Locos for comment.

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