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Megan Thee Stallion reveals what really happened during ‘huge argument’ with Justin Timberlake at VMAs
Featured Image Credit: MTV

Megan Thee Stallion reveals what really happened during ‘huge argument’ with Justin Timberlake at VMAs

Footage of the rapper's encounter with Timberlake went viral during MTV's VMAs

After days of speculation, Megan Thee Stallion has revealed what actually went down between her and Justin Timberlake in a now-viral video.

The two artists came face-to-face at the MTV VMAs on 12 September, where Timberlake was joined by the rest of NSYNC as they presented the award for Best Pop Video.

Megan was also among the artists who appeared at the event, and it was while she was backstage that she was filmed shaking her finger at Timberlake and seemingly yelling at him, prompting him to respond.

You couldn't hear what Megan said in the clip, but that didn't stop people wondering.

"An argument between megan thee stallion and justin timberlake is not what i expected tonight, what do you think this was about??," one viewer wrote.

Witnesses later claimed there was no argument and that the pair were actually just talking about meeting for the first time, but now Megan has now spoken out to share exactly what went down.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Megan recalled that she was having her hair touched up by stylist Kellon Deryck when the encounter with Timberlake took place.

Megan did not look happy with Timberlake.

"Kellon is doing my hair and I got my in ears in and I'm telling Kellon I'm already nervous, just stop touching on me," she said. "Then Justin Timberlake walks by, he's like, 'It's nice to meet you,' [and] I was like, 'No, no, first of all I can't hear you so, no. Take it back, this is not how I'm gonna meet Justin Timberlake, OK?'

"And JC was back there looking cute! I said, 'Hold on, y'all need to relax. Wait until I get off stage and then Ima be ready for y'all'."

Megan went on to claim that both she and Timberlake found the speculation around the event hilarious, saying: "We were really crying-laughing because it was like, 'In what world is Megan Thee Stallion beefed out on Justin Timberlake?

"I'm in the back tussling with NSYNC? That sounds crazy!"

Megan Thee Stallion claimed she just spoke 'with her hands'.

The rapper made clear that she wasn't angry with Timberlake; she simply talks 'with [her] hands'.

She explained: "I just I thought it was so funny because I talk with my hands and my nails are so long so I know this looks crazy, like you almost thought I was coming for you and I was coming for him. But, yeah this is just how I talk."

As well as insisting that she and Timberlake meet properly, the rapper said she told NSYNC they need to 'bring sexy back'.

She added: "We're both Aquarius, I was like, 'We are meant to be besties!' It was meant to be."

So there you have it. No beef, just wannabe besties.

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