Mum’s Reaction To Daughter’s Pregnancy Reveal Divides Viewers

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Mum's Reaction To Daughter's Pregnancy Reveal Divides Viewers@jackkiechann89/TikTok

People aren’t sure whether to laugh or cry after a mum’s underwhelming reaction to becoming a grandma went viral on TikTok.

The attempted surprise gone wrong was posted by @jackkiechann89, who sent her parents a scratch card which reveals a message telling them ‘you’re going to be a nanny and grandad again.’

TikTok pregnancy reveal goes wrong (@jakkiechann89/TikTok)@jakkiechann89/TikTok

The clip was filmed by the parents, who live in Thailand, to show their daughter their reaction, and while the dad seems over the moon, giving a thumbs up and a ‘well done’ to the camera, her mum seems decidedly less enthusiastic.

As the message is revealed, the mum’s expression doesn’t change at all, and if that didn’t make her feelings clear enough, when she’s asked if she’s happy about the news, she replies bluntly ‘no.’

The TikTok has received over 248,ooo views, and people have had a mixed reaction to the mum’s response. ‘Why is your mum so apathetic?’ one person commented, while another tried to put a positive spin on things, writing ‘I’m sure when the baby is here she’ll be doting on him/her.’


Luckily, @jackkiechann89 wasn’t too upset by her mum’s reaction, and explained in the comments that she thinks there’s a reasonable explanation behind it, with her parents currently stuck in Thailand unable to see their grandchildren.

‘They’re in lockdown atm in Thailand so they can’t come over and she gets upset about it because she can’t see her grandson,’ she explained.

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  1. @jackkiechann89/TikTok

    Side note, they live in Thailand. My mum acts like im still a teenager

Hannah Smith
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