Brits Fuming After Realising Wordle’s American Bias


Brits Fuming After Realising Wordle's American BiasWordle/Alamy

Word-guessing game Wordle has taken the internet by storm this week, but Brits aren’t happy about one aspect of the game. 

If you’ve noticed a wash of people on Twitter suddenly posting funny little multi-coloured grids, then you’ve seen Wordle. The daily free game sees users have six tries to guess a five-letter word and has become incredibly popular.


The fact that only one Wordle game per day gets posted means that everyone gets to enjoy trying to solve the same conundrum together in a united attempt to work out what the word might be.

However, divisions arose today within the Wordle community after it turned out the latest answer uses American spelling.

Fuming, Wordle players have now taken to Twitter to warn others about the issue, with one user tweeting their Wordle score alongside the caption: ‘Getting better at this. Also worth knowing this one is in American spelling. The rest of the English speaking world may get confused without that knowledge.’


The shock to UK players is such that British English has been trending on the social media platform, with one user tweeting: ‘Damn! Wordle trying to trip me up. Can we have a function to select British English please?’

Some saw the funny side, though, with another user writing: ‘In British English the game is actually spelled ‘Wourdle’.’

In fairness to the Brits, we maybe should have expected this given that the creator of Wordle, software engineer Josh Wardle, is based in New York City. Wardle originally made the game for his partner, Palak Shah, and made it public in October last year.


According to The Independent, as of November last year, the game had 90 daily users and by January 2 2022 it had shot up to 300,000. Now it’s reckoned that figure could be close to two million daily players.

If Twitter is to be believed, though, some of those players are now considering going to war. One user commented: ‘Wordle 207 will go down in history as the one that pushed Britain and America the closest they’ve been to war since 1812.’

One of today’s more successful players said: ‘Two years ago I pulled my own child out of my body and placed him on my goddamn chest but I’ve never felt as powerful as when I got the Wordle on line 2.’


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