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Spider-Man and Mary Jane have officially broken up for good

Spider-Man and Mary Jane have officially broken up for good

We say for good, this is the world of comic books where a character dies and they're back in a few months

He may be able to do whatever a spider can, including spinning a web of any size and catching thieves just like flies, but having a stable relationship apparently isn't one of Spider-Man's abilities.

Peter Parker may be a geek who struggles to balance his double-life, but throughout his time as one of the most beloved superheroes of all times he's got a pretty long list of love interests.

Aside from his tragic romance with Gwen Stacy and the occasional romp with Black Cat, Mary Jane Watson has been top of that list right from the moment she declared: "Face it Tiger, you just hit the jackpot!"

Ever since she was introduced to Spider-Man in the comics, there really hasn't been anyone else quite like her in Peter's life.

However, it now it looks like they've broken up and are planning to stay apart for the foreseeable future as of the latest developments in the current comic run of Spider-Man.

How it started, with the reveal that sparked a decades-long love story.

In the current run of The Amazing Spider-Man, the aftermath of some disaster which occurred about a year ago is hanging over everything and has put a huge strain on Peter Parker's relationships with his nearest and dearest.

The first issue of the current run revealed that Peter and MJ had broken up and ever since then it's looked increasingly likely that they were going to stay apart as Spidey went from trying to win her back to shacking up with someone else.

We'll have to wait a little while longer for the full story to come out, but Spidey and MJ are broken up and she's even ended up with new fella, some guy called Paul who has a couple of kids that call her 'mommy'.

Despite the break up, Spidey isn't having to sling his webs alone as he's been getting closer with Felicia Hardy (AKA Black Cat) and recently appeared to hammer some nails into the coffin of his past relationship with Mary Jane.

Spidey said the way he loved MJ had changed and that she was 'more like a sister' or 'a best friend' to him now, so while he says he still loves her, it sounds like the romance is gone.

How it's going, with Spider-Man saying Mary Jane is more like a sister to him while he's got his hands on a woman in a skintight catsuit.

For people who think Spider-Man and Mary Jane belong together, the good news lies in the fact that this is the world of comic books and these things usually don't stay fixed forever.

They've broken up several times before, occasionally for very believable reasons and that one time because Peter made a deal with an actual demon to give up his marriage to save Aunt May's life.

Right now you can't even hop over to the MCU for a happy Spidey and MJ relationship after pretty much everyone in existence forgot who Peter Parker was at the end of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

That might be fixed in later movies, with another Spider-Man movie confirmed to be in the works, though if you want your Spidey and MJ fix then you might as well watch the greatest Spider-Man movies ever made.

You know which ones I'm talking about.

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