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New South Park episode rips into Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime drink
Featured Image Credit: Paramount+

New South Park episode rips into Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime drink

Oh, they didn't hold back.

South Park has parodied KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime Energy drink.

In South Park’s new special episode, the long-running animation series debuted the hydration drink ‘CRED’, striking an eerie resemblance with Prime.

The episode shows Clyde at his computer watching a sincere vlog by the Logan Paul-inspired character, which turns out to be a ploy to sell his new drink.

In the advertisement, the influencer is seen wearing a yellow vest and backwards cap, yelling at viewers to buy his '100 per cent sugar-free' beverage while lifting weights at the gym.

I mean, it’s uncanny.

As the promo concludes, Paul, I mean…this entirely **fictional** influencer, tells his fans, ‘Drink Cred at your school today,’ followed by a warning informing them the drink isn’t safe for children.

The segment had many in fits of laughter, as one person wrote to X, formerly known as Twitter: “They even got him wearing his WWE gear LMAO.”

Another said: “No way! South Park taking on 'PRIME' and Logan Paul? This is going to be epic.”

While a third commented: “South Park at it again! The best cartoon in the history of humankind!”

The parody has even led KSI himself to respond.

All jokes aside, the internet personality and professional boxer seemed to be pretty chuffed.

KSI retweeted a picture of a promo for the episode in which Kyle is holding the purple packaged energy drink with the word CRED displayed.


"LMFAO NO WAY," the Internet celebrity wrote in all caps.

I guess any publicity is good publicity, right?

KSI and Paul’s drink company recently held a competition in the UK and US where people had to guess a code to obtain a $500,000 golden replica of a Prime drink bottle.

There were two versions of the prize stationed in London and New York City and when it was won in the UK, Paul's was put into an incinerator.

"Oh, my gosh. That hurts. That's $250,000 gone. Gone. Just like that," the YouTuber turned WWE wrestler said as he watched the golden bottle get destroyed.

He then yelled 'Oh, no!' as the rest of the gold disappears.

The social media move has received backlash from hundreds of YouTube fans around the world, with many believing that the bottle should instead have been sold and the money given to charity.

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