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Viewers say this horror movie is so disturbing it'll leave you 'traumatized for sure'

Viewers say this horror movie is so disturbing it'll leave you 'traumatized for sure'

An A24 horror starring Florence Pugh and Will Poulter is leaving viewers 'traumatized'

People are flooding to social media after only just discovering a 2019 horror which is leaving viewers 'traumatized'.

The horror genre doesn't feel very compatible with summer, but there's one which does fit the vibe - if you can stomach it that is.

If you've already survived the 'insane' true crime docuseries on Netflix as well as 'the most disturbing' horror about a home invasion, then prepare to travel to rural Sweden for a festival like no other.

Plot, cast and crew

The mystery horror was written and directed by Ari Aster (Hereditary) and, as many bangers are these days, had A24's production company behind it.

It stars the likes of acting legends Will Poulter (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3), Florence Pugh (Dune: Part Two) and Jack Reynor (The Good Mother).

The story is set around a fractured American couple and their journey with friends to attend a midsummer festival in rural Sweden.

Their relationship is hanging by a thread, one of them is grieving the death of their family and they're about to embark on a festival somewhere across the globe taking drugs and who knows what else - what could possibly go wrong?

While the movie - Midsommar - was first released back in 2019, some horror enthusiasts have only just stumbled upon it for the first time and have been flooding online to weigh in with their reviews.

Your face after watching Midsommar (A24)
Your face after watching Midsommar (A24)


Midsommar was a hit at the box office, opening with a whopping $48 million worldwide on an $9 million budget, as per Box Office Mojo.

And it's since racked up an impressive Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer score of 83 percent, alongside an audience score of 63.

A Facebook user also took to LADbible's Facebook group Netflix Bangers to share their love for the film, noting: "This movie can traumatize you for sure. Midsommar."

And other fans of the film have chimed in.

My face, smug, knowing I'm not 'traumatized' because I haven't watched Midsommar (A24)
My face, smug, knowing I'm not 'traumatized' because I haven't watched Midsommar (A24)

Another user responded: "The weirdest movie I've ever watched."

"Very disturbing," another added.

A third commented: "Yep very weird and disturbing. Thought about it for ages after."

"Disturbing for sure but also a masterpiece. Great actors, music, storyline. One of my favourites but never wanted to watch it again because it gives me anxiety," a fourth added.

And another sane, non-horror movie lover sensibly wrote: "Why will I want to be traumatized?"

But hey, if it's your thing, why not leave the sun and go hunker down inside in the dark to scare yourself in a *summery* way.

Featured Image Credit: A24

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