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'Insane' Netflix true crime docuseries has viewers 'terrified’ and begging for more episodes

'Insane' Netflix true crime docuseries has viewers 'terrified’ and begging for more episodes

It's a bonkers watch...

Netflix’s number one show has left viewers terrified of the prospect of having a roommate.

We’ve all been there – when living with someone turns weird.

Maybe they have parties at all hours, maybe they never clean the dishes, or maybe they even have some bizarre tendencies that they inflict on everyone else.

This Netflix show, however, looks at the weirdest of the weird, to the point where it has viewers celebrating the pure fact that they can afford to live alone.

Whether it be violent, creepy, or just plain weird, it displays the roommate who makes you content with the occasional dirty dish by comparison.

Check out the trailer here:

The show is called Worst Roommate Ever, and season two has just released on Netflix.

The true crime doc began in season one after being based on a New York Magazine article of the same name by William Brennan.

It involved what they called the ‘ultimate Craigslist nightmare’, where a serial squatter moved in and managed to squeeze a woman out of her home.

The show’s second season brings four new terrifying stories of horror roommates, involving the dark web, a horrible landlord, and even roommates where things turn lethal.

It shot straight to the top of Netflix’s charts in the US, with fans calling it ‘insane’ and ‘wild’.

This promo image is terrifying enough if you ask me. (Netflix)
This promo image is terrifying enough if you ask me. (Netflix)

One fan posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) to say: “That “Worst Roommate Ever” doc on Netflix is wild.”

Another said: “Have yall ever watched the show ‘worst roommate ever?’ Bruhhh.

“You really never know someone like you think, and this show reminds me of that. WILD!”

A viewer posted saying: “Worst roommate ever on Netflix just released season 2 and I’m on episode 2 and this sh*t is crazy!”

A fourth said: “Netflix's Worst Roommate Ever just dropped its season 2, and now I’m just here thinking thank God I am so mistrustful.”

This comment was a common one for viewers, who were either thankful they were mistrustful, or just thankful altogether they don’t have roommates.

The show's first season received similar acclaim. (Netflix)
The show's first season received similar acclaim. (Netflix)

One posted: “After watching Netflix's Worst Roommate Ever, I am SO HAPPY to be in a phase in my life where I can afford not to live with roommates. Seriously could not do it ever again.”

Someone replies to this tweet saying: “YUP. Especially when they were Craigslist finds.”

The show’s second season is a bonkers watch, with viewers already begging for more episodes.

One fan said: “We need more than just 4 episodes of Worst Roommate Ever after two whole years of waiting Netflix.”

For my continued comfort of sleep in the house I share with multiple roommates, I’m hoping they take their time on that.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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