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Majority of women feel it's a big red flag if a man refuses to see the Barbie movie

Majority of women feel it's a big red flag if a man refuses to see the Barbie movie

Loads of Gen Z and millennial women say it's an ick if they aren't excited to watch the Greta Gerwig film.

The Barbie movie has become such a phenomenon that some women are using it as a test in their dating lives.

It's been a few months since the world turned pink for the Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling film about Barbie and Ken trying to find themselves.

It's become the biggest film of 2023 and it has inspired a lot of memes, social conversation and apparently relationship tests.

Change Research surveyed more than 1,000 people between the ages of 18 to 34 and asked them about what they thought was a red flag in a potential partner.

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There were loads of interesting tidbits contained in the data, however what was astounding was how many women found it to be an ick if someone refused to see the Barbie movie.

A whopping 53 per cent of women said it was a red flag if they didn't want to watch the Greta Gerwig flick.

It's clearly a much smaller issue for men, with only 31 per cent of blokes saying it's a dealbreaker.

The biggest ick for women was if their potential partner identified as a MAGA Republican (76 per cent), followed by the person having no hobbies (66 per cent), and if they said All Lives Matter (60 per cent).

Other issues were if they said there are only two genders (58 per cent), never asked any questions (58 per cent), identified as a communist (55 per cent) or listened to Joe Rogan's podcast (55 per cent).

Men, on the other hand, were a little different.

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Their biggest ick was if their partner was a communist (64 per cent), followed by a partner having no hobbies (60 per cent), being a MAGA Republican (59 per cent), never asking questions (42 per cent), or being into astrology (41 per cent).

However, this red flag related to the Barbie movie has been discussed before.

Several women have come forward to claim they questioned their relationships as a result of their partner's reaction to the film.

One user on TikTok said bluntly: “Take your boyfriend to Barbie if he doesn’t understand the movie… dump him.”

A fellow TikToker warned: “If you’re dating a man and he doesn’t like the Barbie movie, you need to break up with him.”

To which a woman replied: “Agreed. He is not Kenough for you.”

Someone else suggested it could be a good way to test if your other half is really right for you, posting: “I think taking your boyfriend to Barbie should be your relationship test to decide if he's a good long-term partner.”

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