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Teeth scene in Leave the World Behind would have been much worse if they'd kept this detail from the book

Teeth scene in Leave the World Behind would have been much worse if they'd kept this detail from the book

The disturbing scene could have made a huge difference

Leave The World Behind has had a lot of people talking, but one scene in particular really left viewers disturbed - and it turns out it could have been even worse.

The highly anticipated movie, which boasts an all-star cast, dropped on Netflix on November 24 and it quickly became the streamer's number one film.

And anyone who has seen it were probably grossed out by one scene in particular - the part where Archie's teeth start falling out.

The teen, who plays the on-screen son of Julia Roberts and Ethan Hawke, is in his parent's room when several of his teeth all of a sudden started dropping out.

It's not totally clear why this occurred. One theory portrayed in the movie is that it was a result of him being bitten by a bug (thought to be a tick); but there's another reason it might have happened.

In the 2020 book of the same name that the film is based on, G.H's neighbor Danny (portrayed by Kevin Bacon) has a wife named Karen, and she also experiences her teeth falling out.

This information isn't shared in movie though, which could just be a result of Danny keeping his business to himself.

Archie's teeth start dropping out.

As it happens to more than one person, questions have been raised if it was the loud, high-pitched noise that could have caused both Karen and Archie to suffer with such symptoms linked with something known as Havana Syndrome.

This is a phenomenon that saw ultrasound and microwave weapons used to attack US government officials.

If so, it would mean that hundreds of others who heard the noise would also be at risk of experiencing similar gruesome side effects such as teeth loss.

Addressing this, Leave The World Behind director Sam Esmail said at the Netflix Tudum event: "When I read that in the book, I immediately got excited and spoke to my sound designer who I’ve worked with since the first season of Mr. Robot, Kevin Buchholz."

Director Sam Esmail pictured with Julia Roberts.
Dave Benett/WireImage

He went on: "Before we shot a frame of the film, we were trying to dial in this sound.

"We took elements of Havana Syndrome, which is a mysterious sound that they still have not gotten to the bottom of that has been causing people to have ailments."

However, Esmail doesn't actually confirm if Archie's teeth falling out is a result of the loud noise, or if it's in fact from the bug bite.

But, from the amount of twists and turns in this movie, it wouldn't surprise me it was something else completely.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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