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Hidden detail in Netflix's Leave the World Behind is blowing people's minds
Featured Image Credit: Netflix

Hidden detail in Netflix's Leave the World Behind is blowing people's minds

The subtle detail helps to create a feeling that something is wrong in the movie

Netflix's gripping thriller Leave The World Behind is packed with little details, but there's one particularly well-hidden one which is blowing people's minds.

As we follow Ethan Hawke and Julia Roberts' characters over the course of the movie, things continue to get more and more intense and chaotic as the world as they know it comes crashing down.

There are a range of factors which work to create this tense feeling, from the eerie animals to the high-speed Teslas, but you might not have actually noticed one of the details that's making you feel uneasy.

The clever feature can be spotted in Amanda and Clay's rental home, where a couple of large prints are displayed on the walls.

In the living room, there's a large painting which features patches of black on a white background.

In the bedroom, one wall is taken up by a painting of an ocean below a grey sky.

The size of the paintings makes them hard to miss, but it's what happens to these paintings over the course of the movie that proved more difficult to spot.

The painting starts out more solid at the start of the movie.

As the cyberattack unfolds and the vacation turns increasingly more disastrous, the two paintings in the home begin to change, creating an unnerving feeling of something not right.

The living room painting, which the filmmakers recreated and edited with permission from artist Glenn Ligon, gets messier, like it's glitching more as time goes on.

The painting appears to be glitching later in the film.

In the bedroom, the painting of the ocean also changes as the horizon moves further and further up, creating the impression the characters are going deeper underwater as they lie in bed beneath the image.

Fans of the Netflix movie have been blown away after realizing how the paintings changed, with one viewer saying they 'loved' the artistic decision.

"One thing I did notice in Leave The World Behind, the painting in the living room kept changing.. I need answers," another commented.

The water in the painting rises throughout the film.

Luckily for them, Racquel Chevremont, an art curator who worked on Leave the World Behind, has explained the decision to change the artwork.

She said: "We didn't want something that was going to be obvious. We needed something that could evoke an emotional response without people really understanding why the scene seems a little different."

The subtle detail of the changing paintings is just one thing eagle-eyed viewers have noticed in the movie, with some also managing to find a plot hole after watching the story unfold.

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