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Netflix viewers hooked by ‘insane’ ‘must-watch’ Netflix show about woman pregnant with two people’s babies

Netflix viewers hooked by ‘insane’ ‘must-watch’ Netflix show about woman pregnant with two people’s babies

The show is absolutely bonkers and viewers are loving it

Netflix shows are always guaranteed to have some kind of bonkers plot.

Whether it be Baby Reindeer, Orange is the New Black, or Squid Game, the one thing that seems to link hit Netflix shows is that they have certifiably insane plots and twists.

A new Netflix show has exactly that, with a bonkers plot that is leaving viewers hooked.

The conceit of the show is that the lead is a woman who is pregnant with two babies from two different fathers, one of whom she cheated on with the other.

The show is certifiably bonkers. (Netflix)
The show is certifiably bonkers. (Netflix)

The most shocking part of that? It isn’t some made up sci-fi plot, but something that can actually happen.

‘Heteropaternal superfecundation’ occurs when someone is pregnant with two different babies, both from different fathers.

It involves a complicated biological process, but essentially boils down to hyperovulation, when more than one egg is released in the same month, as opposed to two.

All this to say, the bonkers plot of this show is absolutely possible (can you imagine the drama).

Unsurprisingly, this insane plot has grabbed viewers attention, with several calling it a must watch Netflix show.

Check out the trailer:

The Netflix show in question is called Desperate Lies, and it’s a Brazilian show that has dropped on the streamer last week – and is already in the top 10 in the US.

The show stars Juliana Paes as the woman in question with two babies, one born of her relationship and the other born of her affair.

Fans have been raving about it, with one posting on Twitter:

“Desperate Lies on Netflix has me hooked. I definitely recommend!”

Another said: “You guys must watch “Desperate Lies” on Netflix”.

The replies to that were full of people agreeing, all saying that the show is a must watch.

The show is a hit with viewers. (Netflix)
The show is a hit with viewers. (Netflix)

The show has a meaty 17 episode season, with one fan saying: “Still to watch 10 more episodes. The suspense is killing me”.

Another fan said: “Finished it in 3 days. My anxiety shot up I ended up drinking wine and shouting at the tv”.

It's a Brazilian drama about a woman whose affair baby is cosied up inside her belly next to her partner’s baby – if you weren’t drinking wine and shouting at the TV by the end of it, the show wouldn’t be doing its job.

If you reach the end and want more though, bad news.

Netflix have already confirmed that the show will be one and done, and won’t be receiving a second season.

I for one want to see what happens when she has triplets from three men, but that’s just me.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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