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Netflix's biggest movie right now Fall is giving viewers vertigo

Netflix's biggest movie right now Fall is giving viewers vertigo

Many quite literally feel like they're falling out of their seats over the tension

One particularly haunting movie is making its rounds on Netflix right now and let's just say that it's triggering some pretty visceral reactions in viewers.

Fall, now the biggest movie on the streaming platform, is giving audiences a dose of hardcore vertigo with many quite literally feeling like their falling out of their seats over the tension.

The feverish flick was first released in 2022 and the hype is no where near dying down. Check it out:

The movie, directed by Scott Mann, first hit our screens in September of last year and stars a whole bunch of familiar faces alongside some new stars in Hollywood.

The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan stars as James Connor with Halloween's Virginia Elizabeth Gardner playing Shiloh Hunter alongside industry new-comer Grace Caroline Currey who portrays the character of Becky Connor.

Netflix's synopsis for the survival thriller reads: "Two friends fight to survive against punishing odds after a daring climb up a radio tower in the desert leaves them trapped 2,000 feet in the air."

The two friends (Gardner and Currey) team up for a harrowing performance playing a pair of adrenaline junkies who seem to constantly be on the hunt for their next fix of exhilaration yet clearly ended up with way more than they bargained for.

Now currently rated as number one on Netflix, it's no wonder why so many people have rushed to see what the excitement is all about - but nothing could have prepared them for what they were about to watch.

Gardner and Currey in Fall.

Viewers have already reported feeling 'sick to their stomach' as well as admitted the terrifying flick gave them sweaty hands and feet but it's clearly gone one step further after giving stressed-out audiences the feeling of 'vertigo'.

Usually reserved for motion sickness, vertigo is a feeling like you or everything around you is uncontrollably spinning.

Way more than just feeling a tad dizzy - think of the worst hangover in the world coupled with a seemingly never ending merry-go-round and that's pretty much what vertigo feels like.

So, this film must be pretty nauseating if it's making people feel that bad from the comfort of their couch.

After audiences endured the stomach-churning one hour and 45 minutes, they were quick to warn others about their impending fate.

"This movie gave me vertigo."

One Facebook user admitted: "This movie gave me vertigo," accompanied with a very fitting vomiting emoji.

"I literally feel sick with vertigo after watching Fall on Netflix," echoed another social media user.

A third warned: "Do not watch if you have vertigo issues."

"Otherwise," they admitted, "an absolute adventurous thrill ride. You just feel like you are climbing and falling while watching the movie. Worth watching."

"Already extremely stressed about work things and attempting to watch Fall. Might have a vertigo induced panic attack," admitted a final Twitter user.

So, maybe don't opt for this one next time you're planning to Netflix and chill...

Fall is available to stream on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Lionsgate

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