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Bizarre footage of actors voicing Clickers from The Last of Us has gone viral
Featured Image Credit: HBO

Bizarre footage of actors voicing Clickers from The Last of Us has gone viral

The clickers from The Last Of Us may sound inhuman, but people are doing an amazing job to create their sounds

HBO has released footage of how they made the inhuman clicker noises from The Last Of Us, and people are absolutely loving it.

The Last Of Us just wrapped on the final episode of the first season and viewers have been incredibly pleased with the show they got from Chernobyl showrunner Craig Mazin and game creator Neil Druckmann.

While there's a long list of failed video game adaptations in recent years, it looks like TV has been getting closer to getting it right.

Gamers have been treated to well-regarded adaptations in the form of Arcane, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners and Castlevania by Netflix, but it's HBO's The Last Of Us which has carried that success from live action into animation.

As far as adaptations of video games to TV goes it's been absolutely brilliant, and while fans have had some slight complaints, they are dwarfed by the joy people have experienced from seeing something they love adapted faithfully.

Even on the few grumbles some viewers have had with the show, there are plenty of positive noises as some wanted to see a few more encounters with the 'clickers'.

The showrunners are aware of this ahead of plans for a second season, so we might see more of the fungus infected monsters in future instalments of The Last Of Us.

The clickers were a terrifying part of The Last Of Us.

The clickers we did get were absolutely fantastic, it has to be said, with a tense and terrifying handful of encounters proving how deadly just one clicker could be to people who'd managed to survive years of the post-apocalypse.

Everything from their look to their presence, right down to the way they sounded had fans hooked, and now we've been given an inside look into how they made those sounds for the clickers.

You might think it's a bit of sound design magic, but thanks to footage released by HBO we now know that those sounds the clickers make all come from some very talented actors recording themselves making a series of weird noises.

Actors in the recording booth made the clicker noises and people have been so impressed at the talent on display.

One person wondered where the Oscars for these clicker actors were, perhaps forgetting that the Oscars are for movies and not TV shows.

It turns out that those incredible clicker noises were just some really talented actors making sounds in a recording booth.

Others heaped praise on the actors for the talent needed to contort their voices into making the monstrous sounds of the clickers, saying they'd pulled off replicating 'the most terrifying sound in all of gaming'.

More wondered if the actors just randomly tried out the sounds in everyday life, wondering what it would be like 'being married to one of them and they just start doing that randomly'.

Someone else begged HBO for a job on the second season of The Last Of Us, promising they could make 'the best weirdest voices you could ever hear'.

On set with the likes of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey the cordyceps infected monsters were as a rule always referred to as 'infected' or 'clickers', never zombies.

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