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John Krasinski says there's one scene from The Office which makes him laugh more than any other

John Krasinski says there's one scene from The Office which makes him laugh more than any other

The actor wouldn't let the camera cut to him as they filmed the scene

Throughout nearly 10 years making The Office, the cast members were forced to try and keep a straight face as countless hilarious things happened around them. But there's one scene in particular that John Krasinski just couldn't get through.

The actor, who played Jim in the series, was surrounded day after day by a host of comedic stars including the likes of Steve Carrell, Jenna Fischer, Rainn Wilson, Ed Helms and Craig Robinson.

Their characters delivered numerous outrageous lines, funny gestures and ridiculous storylines, and it's not hard to find blooper reels of the cast bursting into laughter as they tried to get through scenes.

Krasinski has also shared his favourite episode of The Office.

Some cast members, like Oscar Nunez and Carrell, are said to have been harder to break than others, but Krasinski did not fall into that category.

He realised he was in for a challenge in the second-ever episode of the show, Diversity Day, which was the first original episode for the American cast who had copied the British version of the series for their pilot episode.

During Wired’s 'Autocomplete Interview' with his Jack Ryan co-star Michael Kelly, Krasinski revealed Diversity Day, where the characters play a game where they take on different people, religions and races, was his favourite episode of the show.

Recalling his experience shooting the episode, Krasinski said: "I will never forget that because, being in that room, not only was I the most unprofessional actor, because I laughed at every single thing that happened and I totally threw the ‘being in a documentary’ out the window, I was like, ‘No, I’m gonna laugh at everything, all these people do'.

"But I remember feeling, in the room, and looking around at all these people who didn’t think anyone was gonna watch the show, and we still didn’t think anyone would watch the show, but I said, ‘This is gonna be one of the funniest things that’s ever been recorded on television. Too bad no one will see it because who knows where this show goes'."

John Krasinski played Jim in The Office.

Thankfully, people did tune in to the show and it got picked up for a total of nine seasons; a decision which paved the way to the scene Krasinski found funnier than any other.

It takes place in the episode Secret Santa, when Michael encourages Kevin to sit on his lap in a desperate bid to prove himself as the office Santa. See the scene unfold below:

Unfortunately, Kevin's large stature results in a lot of pain for Michael, and watching that moment unfold left Krasinski unable to carry on filming.

He explained: "The hardest I’ve ever laughed in my life is the Christmas episode where Steve pretends to be Santa... And as soon as Steve said, ‘What would you like little boy?’ he lost all the air in his body when Brian sat on him. I’ve never laughed harder in my life."

Krasinski explained that he wouldn't allow producers to cut to him to get Jim's reaction of the scene, as he assured them he wouldn't be there, and instead would be 'on the floor laughing [his] a** off'.

Unfortunately we don't get to see that particular moment in the show, but I'm sure Krasinski wouldn't have been alone in laughing as the painful-looking scene unfolds.

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