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The Office US star Brian Baumgartner is releasing a cookbook all about chilli recipes
Featured Image Credit: Bbbaumgartner/Instagram. PictureLux /The Hollywood Archive/Alamy.

The Office US star Brian Baumgartner is releasing a cookbook all about chilli recipes

If you've been kept up at night as you wondered what goes into a pot of Kevin’s famous chilli, well... that mystery is about to be solved.

Attention fans of The Office (US): the day we have all been waiting for has finally arrived.

If you have ever laid in bed at night and struggled to get a decent sleep because you can't stop thinking about Kevin's famous chilli then your prayers have finally been answered.

Brian Baumgartner, who played the iconic Dunder-Mifflin employee Kevin Malone, is releasing a recipe book containing dozens of ways to cook chilli.

Yes, you read that correctly. A chilli cookbook.

"It’s happening," Baumgartner said on social media.

"The Chilli Cookbook I have been working on for so long is here."

For die-hard fans of The Office US, you'll remember the opening scenes from season five’s Casual Friday episode.

It is, of course, when Kevin heartbreakingly spills his famous chilli.

Kevin Malone can be seen struggling to carry a large pot of chilli from the parking lot up the stairs and into the office.

As he carries the pot, the Dunder-Mifflin employee revealed he likes to bring in some of 'Kevin’s famous chilli'.

You see, the chilli is a 'recipe passed down from Malones for generations' and he was 'up the night before' making it.

He added that it's 'probably the thing I do best' just moments before he dropped the massive pot and spilled all of the chilli across the ground.

That's not the first time Kevin's famous chilli is mentioned in the TV series though. The dish is brought up repeatedly but the recipe has never been shared. Until now.

And, in typical Kevin-chilli fashion, the book has already proven to be a hit.

The cookbook comes out on September 13 but you can pre-order now by checking out the Seriously Good Chilli website here.

Chilli Pepper Madness food blogger Mike Hultquist has already descried it as the 'book you need to master all things chilli'.

"It's packed full of chilli recipes of all kinds, from black bean chilli to turkey chilli, green chilli, beef chilli, you name it. I seriously can't wait to make my next big pot of chilli," Hultquist said on social media.

He then added cheekily: "I promise not to drop it."

And may the power of Kevin's famous chilli live on in the annals of culinary legends.

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