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Elliot Page's Umbrella Academy Character To Come Out As Transgender In New Season

Elliot Page's Umbrella Academy Character To Come Out As Transgender In New Season

Page will star as Viktor Hargreeves and use he/him/his pronouns in the third season

Elliot Page's character in The Umbrella Academy will come out as transgender in the show's upcoming third season.

In December 2020, the Juno star announced that he's trans, his name is Elliot and he'd be using he/they pronouns.

Page has received tremendous support from colleagues and fans alike ever since. The only question that's really remained is if and how his role in The Umbrella Academy would change.

The actor played Vanya Hargreeves in the first two seasons, a superhero capable of controlling sound waves and using them for telekinesis and sound projection.

Upon Page's initial announcement, Netflix confirmed he would continue to star in the series, but no details were shared about any changes to the character.

Both Page and the streaming platform have since revealed that he'll star as Viktor Hargreeves and use he/him/his pronouns in the third season.

Sharing an official photo of Viktor to Twitter, Page wrote: "Meet Viktor Hargreeves."

On Netflix's main account, it also wrote: "Welcome to the family, Viktor - we’re so happy you’re here," with its LGBTQ+ account writing: "FEELS SO GOOD TO SAY THIS: Elliot Page stars as Viktor Hargreeves in Umbrella Academy S3!!!"

In a statement to The AV Club, Netflix also confirmed the character 'will come out as transgender in season three and be henceforth known as Viktor Hargreeves.'

As you'd probably imagine, some fans have taken issue with this change, but it's been met with swift support for Page on social media.

One user wrote: "I’m dying. Everyone accepts super powers, time travelling, Reginald being a monster in a human suit, Five being an adult man stuck in a kids body. A trans person existing in the universe? That’s somehow the line? Lmao."

Another tweeted: "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Finally a transgender character on an internationally acclaimed TV show, who's played by a transgender actor, and whose coming out story will, I'm sure, be well told!"

While not revealing any specifics, the show's creator Gerard Way earlier said the upcoming season 'deals with a very big reveal in The Umbrella Academy universe', more specifically 'something that has been secret for a long time'.

Speaking to Digital Spy, he said: "Our siblings learn a lot about what was happening behind the scenes, as well as discovering the true nature of some characters that have been with them since the beginning.

"The series finally starts to answer the question: 'What about the other babies born on that day, in that moment?' The Umbrella Academy siblings are not alone in the world anymore."

Season three of The Umbrella Academy hits Netflix on 22 June.

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