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Elliot Page Opens Up About Joy Of Seeing Himself After Transitioning

Elliot Page Opens Up About Joy Of Seeing Himself After Transitioning

"I know I look different to others, but to me I’m just starting to look like myself"

Elliot Page has opened up about his joy of seeing himself after transitioning in a new interview, saying: "I’m just starting to look like myself."

The 35-year-old actor is set to lead once more in the third season of Netflix's The Umbrella Academy, and just as he did in real life, his character is set to come out as transgender in the show.

After coming out in December 2020, Page has opened up about his journey in an article for Esquire, saying the reaction to the news has been a mixture of 'love and support from many people and hatred and cruelty and vitriol from so many others', something he said he 'expected'.

Speaking about the struggles he faced before coming out, the star wrote: "I wasn’t okay, and I didn’t know how to talk about that with anyone.

"I was living the life and my dreams were coming true, and all that was happening. And yet, for example, when I was shooting Inception, I could pretty much not leave whatever hotel I’d be staying in... I struggled with food. Intense depression, anxiety, severe panic attacks. I couldn’t function."

However, these feelings have eased as Page can now live the life in the body he was meant for.

He continued: "I can’t overstate the biggest joy, which is really seeing yourself. I know I look different to others, but to me I’m just starting to look like myself.

Elliot Page at this year's Academy Awards.

"It’s indescribable, because I’m just like, there I am. And thank God. Here I am.

"So the greatest joy is just being able to feel present, literally, just to be present. To go out in a group of new people and be able to engage in a way where I didn’t feel this constant sensation to flee from my body, this never-ending sensation of anxiety and nervousness and wanting out."

Many fans are now eagerly awaiting the arrival of Page's turn in the next instalment of The Umbrella Academy season three, which drops on Netflix on June 22.

The actor played Vanya Hargreeves in the first two seasons, a superhero capable of controlling sound waves and using them for telekinesis and sound projection, and in season three the character will come out as Viktor Hargreeves and use he/him/his pronouns.

On his love for the show, Page wrote: "I’ve learned how special it is to play one character for so long, to evolve with a family of characters. All of us have gone through a lot. Years have gone by, and we’ve changed and grown in our own ways.

"I love watching the growth happen alongside the show, our personalities interweaving and all of us having our own moments. I’m just learning to love the whole journey of it."

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