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People spot moment Aubrey Plaza ‘loses it’ during White Lotus win at SAG Awards
Featured Image Credit: Netflix

People spot moment Aubrey Plaza ‘loses it’ during White Lotus win at SAG Awards

Her fans think she has a reason to be annoyed

Aubrey Plaza was an entire mood at the SAG Awards and people are here for it.

The deadpan icon took to the stage at the annual awards ceremony last night (26 February) alongside the season two cast of The White Lotus.

HBO's hit show bagged the accolade for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series.

But as actor F Murray Abraham gave the acceptance speech on behalf of the cast, eagle-eyed viewers couldn't help but notice that Plaza – who plays Harper Spiller – looked seriously p*ssed off.

As the team congregated, the 38-year-old actor appears to struggle to find a spot before making her way through.

Although she cracked a smile, Plaza's demeanour shifted immediately after her co-star Jon Gries whispered something in her ear as he held her arm, which prompted her to rearrange her dress.

When Abraham made it to the end of his speech, the entire team clapped and cheered, except for Plaza who appeared alarmed by his final statement.

After a wide-eyed stare, she mouthed something, which some people have translated as 'Jesus Christ' or 'this s*** is f***ed'.

While there's no confirmation as to what was going down on stage last night, some viewers have made their own assumptions.

Some fans think she was 'nearly elbowed in the face'.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "People criticizing Aubrey Plaza's face during the speech... usually valid, BUT this time, she had just been told to fix her dress and underboob.

"Her mind was probably racing a mile a minute."

Over on TikTok, one said: "She was not only the star of the show but all of the men shoved her to the back, took over, one grabbed her and prob said something idiotic."

Another suggested: "When she mouthed 'Jesus Christ' it was because Meghann [Fahy] almost took her out with her elbow."

While a third added: "She almost got elbowed and also was being shoved in the back the whole time, put two and two together."

Whatever the case, it seems the fans have Plaza's back – if you follow her career, you'll know that it's just her comedic style.

Plaza is the deadpan queen.
Rich Gold/Alamy Stock Photo

As said by one TikToker: "It’s like no one in this video has ever seen Aubrey Plaza. That’s her entire personality 100 percent of the time."

"If you don’t know Aubrey Plaza then you don’t know Aubrey Plaza," commented another.

A third added, "I mean they put her in the back like she wasn't the star of season 2," while a fourth chimed in, "Idk but I trust her radar better than anyone."

UNILAD has contacted reps for Aubrey Plaza and Jon Gries for comment.

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