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Aubrey Plaza is being praised for how she handled racism at awards ceremony

Aubrey Plaza is being praised for how she handled racism at awards ceremony

Get Aubrey Plaza to host every awards ceremony.

We're mid awards season and the people of TikTok have one question on their minds: why isn't Aubrey Plaza hosting more awards ceremonies?

The Emily The Criminal actor is going viral at the moment, thanks to an old clip of her calling out racism at the 2019 Independent Spirit Awards. Take a look here:

In case you missed her on shows like Parks and Rec and films like Dirty Grandpa and Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates, Aubrey Plaza is one of the funniest people in Hollywood.

Let her first hosting gig at the 34th Independent Spirit Awards be a prime example.

Aubrey opened the show with a nine-minute-long monologue in which she managed to poke fun at almost every nominee.

About halfway through, she goes in on the awards show itself.

"BlacKkkKansman is nominated," she says, prompting a cheer from the crowd.

"BlacKkKlansman explores the struggle of a Black police officer to find his role in the fight against white supremacy.

"So, congratulations to the sole nominee from that film today: Adam Driver!"

Aubrey Plaza is the perfect awards show host.
Film Independent

The audience erupts as the camera finds Adam Driver, who laughs along and does that classic awkward white guy smile until they finally cut back to Aubrey.

"Adam! We are so proud of you. You were the best one," she jokes.

"I'm sure they'll do the white thing."

Aubrey was such a hit that night, that the Independent Spirit Awards had her back to host again the following year - so no hard feelings about that joke, then.

With awards season well and truly underway, this clip has started doing the rounds once again and the people want more Aubrey.

Praising the White Lotus star for calling out an ongoing race issue in awards ceremonies, one viewer commented: "I mean Adam was brilliant in that movie, however he shouldn't have been the only one nominated and Aubrey was so real for this."

There's that smile.
Film Independent

"Aubrey knows what's up," wrote a second.

"Just when I thought I couldn't love her more," raved a third.

Others are more concerned about where they can get more Aubrey in their lives.

One fan penned: "I need more Aubrey Plaza, idk where or how or what just more of her."

A second agreed: "If awards show hosts got awards, this would be Best Host."

Aubrey's already raking in the nominations elsewhere thanks to her performances in both Emily the Criminal and White Lotus.

Though, I'm sure she'd appreciate that Best Host nomination.

Featured Image Credit: Film Independent

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