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Fans furious as concertgoers throw objects at Taylor Swift as she leaves concert

Fans furious as concertgoers throw objects at Taylor Swift as she leaves concert

Fans are furious after Eras Tour concert-goers were seen throwing small objects at Taylor Swift as she left the stage

Oh look, it’s more fans throwing things at their favourite singer. And this time, it’s the one and only Taylor Swift that’s the target.

The ‘Speak Now’ singer is currently performing in her already pretty legendary Eras Tour around the US.

And while fans in the UK scream out as they take on ‘The Great War’ of getting their hands on tickets, the lucky fans already seeing her seem to be causing another fan ‘war’.

It’s not a secret there’s been numerous cases recently of things being thrown on stage during shows – from Drake to Bebe Rexha – but these fans waited until after Taylor performed.

As the 33-year-old singer was leaving her show, a clip seems to show objects been thrown down towards her from the stands.

A TikTok video titled: "I was enchanted to (kind of) meet you" shows adoring fans waiting to see Taylor leave the stage.

In the clip, a pack of fans crowd the edge of their stand as they wait in hope of getting a glimpse of the ‘Shake it Off’ singer walking through the passage beside them as she finishes her show.

Taking place at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, they soon began screaming and cheering as they spot her exiting the stage area. One fan even runs and appears to trip down the stairs as they desperately wave to the star.

The singer waves to her fans as she walks with a team of staff, but appears to flinch and duck as what looks like two small objects fly down from above.

And her loyal fans on TikTok are absolutely raging about this.

The comment section is going off as they unleash their fury towards their fellow Swifties throwing things at Taylor.

One commented: “Why are people becoming so obsessed with throwing things at the artist, why can’t people use their heads?”

Taylor Swift is currently performing in her Eras Tour.
John Shearer/Getty Images

And another demanded: “Y’all if she’s not looking, she ain’t gonna catch it. Stop freaking our girl out!”

While others pointed out: “She could get hurt, don’t do this guys.”

From the clip and the comments made, it seems fans were throwing small bracelets to Taylor.

During the Eras Tour, fans have been exchanging friendship bracelets with one another – a trend inspired by the singer’s song ‘You’re On Your Own, Kid’.

The lyrics of the song read: “Everything you lose is a step you take / So make the friendship bracelets / Take the moment and taste it.” And fans have taken the advice literally.

But Taylor certainly didn’t advise her Swifties to throw those friendship bracelets at her, with one fan commenting: “She’s gonna start exiting in the cleaning cart if people keep throwing bracelets to her!!”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@natashalitle11

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