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Taylor Swift fans are convinced they spotted Travis Kelce crying as she performed emotional song

Taylor Swift fans are convinced they spotted Travis Kelce crying as she performed emotional song

Fans spotted references in Swift's tracks to make them think they were about Kelce

Taylor Swift fans are convinced Travis Kelce was struggling to contain his emotions at a recent Eras tour gig as he watched his girlfriend sing an emotional mash-up.

Kelce has been living every Swift fan's dream by attending multiple gigs on the Eras tour to support the singer as she makes her way across Europe, while other fans are lucky if they manage to see her even once.

So you might think people would be jealous to see Kelce at yet another gig, but instead fans have started looking out for the Kansas City Chiefs star and even trying to catch him on camera.

It was while one fan had their phone pointed at Kelce that they spotted him apparently tearing up, prompting him to wipe his hand across his face.

His seemingly emotional moment came as Swift performed in Amsterdam, where she treated fans to a mash-up of songs including 'Mary's Song', 'So High School' and 'Everything Has Changed'.

Fans are already convinced that 'So High School' is about Kelce thanks to a number of references in the song, including mention of the game 'kiss, marry, kill', which Kelce played about Swift before dating her.

The addition of the other two emotional tracks led fans to believe the mash-up was designed specifically for the footballer, so it's no surprise he might have got a lump in his throat while listening to it.

In one video shared online, the footballer appears to be comforted by Brittany Mahomes, wife of Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes, as he wipes his hands across his face.

"Travis Kelce crying at the Eras tour," the caption on one of the videos read.

Viewers have shared their adoration for Kelce and Swift after seeing the clip, with one writing: "My heart can NOT handle this level of loving out loud. This is what love is meant to be. I can not stop crying."

Another wrote: "I love the [way] Brittany Mahomes went to check in on him."

Kelce appeared to wipe away tears at the gig. (TikTok//@rlknyc)
Kelce appeared to wipe away tears at the gig. (TikTok//@rlknyc)

Kelce wasn't the only one apparently left in tears over Swift's mash-up, as the rendition of the three songs also caused people to become emotional on Reddit.

"He was tearing up and so was I. Beyond beautiful. Everything has changed," one person wrote.

A second Reddit user speculated: "Is this Travis’ last show? It would explain why he was so emotional and the reason for the mashup. It was like they were the only 2 people there."

After finishing her shows in Amsterdam, Swift's tour is set to continue in Switzerland, Spain and Germany, among other countries.

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/@rlknyc/Getty/Patrick Smith

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