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Awkward moment Travis Kelce slips up playing ‘Marry, Kiss, Kill’ with Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Ariana Grande
Featured Image Credit: Afterbuzz TV/Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Awkward moment Travis Kelce slips up playing ‘Marry, Kiss, Kill’ with Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Ariana Grande

The Kansas City Chiefs star might surprise some people with his responses

It's clear that Travis Kelce absolutely adores Taylor Swift, but that only makes his response in a game of 'Kiss, Marry, Kill' all the more surprising.

Kelce and Swift have been publicly showing their love for months now, ever since they first started supporting each other at their respective games and gigs.

The loved-up couple have been seen running into one another's arms, sharing their praise for each other and even owning matching jewellery, so it's not hard to imagine that wedding bells could be on the cards for the pair.

However, when asked to play a game of 'Kiss, Marry, Kill' involving Swift, it wasn't the singer that Kelce chose to walk down the aisle with.

Just before all the Swifties start to riot, I must stress that the game took place before he and Swift were an item, meaning he wouldn't have known her at the time as well as he does now.

Still, it's surprising to hear who Kelce chose for each scenario when presented with the options of Swift, Ariana Grande and Katy Perry.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have publicly shown their affection for each other.
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The NFL star played the game in an interview on AfterBuzz TV to help promote his dating show Catching Kelce, which aired in 2016 and saw 50 women attempt to win Kelce's affections.

After hearing the names of the three singers, Kelce admitted it was a tough decision.

"Damn, that's messed up. I don't want to kill any of them," he said.

That being said, it didn't take Kelce too long to come up with his answer.

Luckily Swift did at least survive the game, as he revealed first he would 'kill' Ariana.

"Love you, but you're gone," he said.

Kelce then had to decide whether he wanted to kiss or marry Swift and Perry, and locked in his decision.

Travis Kelce admitted the game was 'messed up'.
Afterbuzz TV

"Taylor Swift would be the kiss and then - what's the last one? - Katy Perry would be the marry," he said.

It's good news that Kelce was interested in kissing Swift even before they got together - but we can't ignore the fact that he opted not to spend his hypothetical life with her.

Fans have shared their thoughts on the footballer's answers, with one writing "Yikes" as another joked, "Oh boy, hope the Swifties don't see this."

Other viewers stuck up for Kelce, with one pointing to his need for clarification as he decided on his scenario for Perry.

"Because he is so excited to kiss Taylor so he even forget [sic] who the last one [was]," they wrote.

Kelce obviously wouldn't have known about his future relationship with Swift at the time he decided to 'marry' Perry, but at least he was still keen for a kiss from her!

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