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Taylor Swift receives $6K diamond bracelet gift from Travis Kelce before Chiefs game
Featured Image Credit: Patrick Smith/Getty Images/ Rob Carr/Getty Images

Taylor Swift receives $6K diamond bracelet gift from Travis Kelce before Chiefs game

The singer showed off her jewelry as she celebrated with Kelce on the field

It's always nice to receive gifts from your other half, but Travis Kelce set a high bar when he handed Taylor Swift a $6,000 diamond bracelet before his latest football game.

Maybe not the kind of budget you had in mind for Valentine's Day?

Swift was spotted wearing the fancy bracelet as she celebrated with Kelce following the Kansas City Chiefs' win against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday (January 28).

Photos show the singer hugging Kelce as his team began to look ahead to the Super Bowl, with the gold-and-diamond jewelry glinting on her wrist.

The bracelet has since been revealed to have been created by Pennsylvania-based custom jewellers Wove, which shared more details on Kelce's gift.

In a video posted on TikTok, lead designer Kendall Junck explained that all of the company's items are one of a kind, but that Swift's bracelet was actually one of the statement pieces from a collection created in collaboration with golfer Michelle Wie West.

Taylor Swift's bracelet is from a collection created by Wove and Michelle Wie West.

"The inspiration for this collection came from the friendship bracelet... all pieces in the collection are customizable," Junck explained.

"We cannot believe that this is on Taylor's wrist... this is just like the greatest honor ever."

Junck revealed that Swift's bracelet is actually one of a matching pair that Kelce requested be made for him and his girlfriend.

Both bracelets feature a band of diamonds and three small gold circles which feature the letters 'TNT' - a reference to 'Travis and Taylor'.

“As much as we would like to take credit for the TNT nickname, that was all Travis,” Kendall said.

Swift's bracelet matches one created for Travis Kelce.

Junck went on to say the Wove team was 'so excited' for the couple, adding: "This love story is our Roman Empire, so to be an extremely small part of it, we are just beyond honored."

Swift's bracelet features more than four carats of diamonds, and a version of the band with three letters retails for $5,680.

The jewelry carries extra meaning for the couple, who started dating last year.

The football star revealed he tried to give Swift his number on a beaded bracelet; accessories which were traded regularly by fans in reference to a lyric about friendship bracelets in her song, 'You’re On Your Own, Kid'.

As well as the meaningful bracelet, Swift attended Kelce's game wearing a ring which featured a tiny replica of Kelce’s jersey with his number '87' on it.

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