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What Travis Kelce said to Taylor Swift during romantic celebration on the field after Chiefs win
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/edobrien123

What Travis Kelce said to Taylor Swift during romantic celebration on the field after Chiefs win

Fans of the NFL star and pop singer have been flooding to social media in excitement

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's conversation after Kansas City Chiefs' win has gone viral on social media.

Yesterday (January 28) the Chiefs went head-to-head with the Baltimore Ravens for a spot at the 2024 Super Bowl and came off the pitch victorious.

And as Kelce came away from the game with a 17-10 win, he was greeted by Taylor Swift - a moment which has since been widespread online.

All I can say is if Kelce thought the NFL were previously 'overdoing it' with showing his new girlfriend supporting him at his Kansas City Chiefs games, wait until he sees this.

Swift started going to Kelce's games last year, first hitting headlines for doing so in September when photographed alongside Kelce's mom, Donna.

Cameras regularly cut towards Swift and and Kelce's mom during the game and it caused quite the stir among football fans, some complaining the focus on the pop star was taking away from what really mattered - the sport.

However, Kelce argued on his New Heights podcast it actually 'brings a little more to the atmosphere' - despite acknowledging it was being 'overdone a little bit for sure'.

And the atmosphere's certainly heated up yet another notch since the Chief's most recent game.

Swift watched Kelce's game against the Baltimore Ravens.
Getty Images/ Patrick Smith

Footage of the couple has been widespread on social media showing the pair kissing as well as their conversation post Kelce's win.

In one video, the couple kiss and embrace, before kissing again and Kelce then goes to hug his dad Ed. After a bit of chatter and Kelce popping on a hat, he embraces Swift again, she points at something and then they gaze into each other's eyes.

In another video of the same moment but from a different - and closer - angle, Kelce can be seen exclaiming to Swift something along the lines of: "How about that?" or "Not bad huh?"

After hugging his dad, Kelce then turns back to Swift to say: "What's up sweetie?" And Swift's pointing is revealed to be the singer showing Kelce where she was sat when watching him.

At the end of the clip, Swift can be seen saying something as she puts her head against Kelce's chest and fans of the duo have been flooding to social media in excitement.

Fans are questioning what one sentence Swift uttered to Kelce could've been.
Getty Images/ Patrick Smith

One user said: "Does Taylor say 'I love you' at the end?"

"I think so!!" another responded.

A third wrote: "How many times have you watched this?............. yes."

And a fourth commented: "Have I stopped… no."

And of course, the NFL couldn't resist uploading its own video of the pair to social media too.

While the audio is cut out, it looks like Swift also says: "I can't believe you did that," during the pair's post-match conversation.

And another video, taken before the pair unite, shows Swift saying: "I've never seen anything like that in my life."

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