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People shocked by Steve-O's latest new massive tattoo on his head
Featured Image Credit: Amy Sussman / Staff/Instagram/@steveo

People shocked by Steve-O's latest new massive tattoo on his head

Fans are divided on the Jackass star's latest ink

People are well and truly shocked by Steve-O's latest huge tattoo on his head.

Now, it's nothing new that the Jackass star has never shied away from a whole plethora of bizarre pranks, dares and stunts but his latest escapade seems to have really upped the anti.

The star took to Instagram to share with his 6.9 million followers live footage from the 'long-awaited' tattoo session so if you're not a fan of needles - you may want to scroll past.

Check it out:

Going down a somewhat bizarre route to promote the last leg of his Bucket List tour, Steve-O filmed three videos chronicling the skull tattoo saga.

In the first, he can be seen getting his head prepped for the upcoming ink as he reveals: "It's time for my long-awaited head tattoo."

The second Instagram story sees Steve-O wincing in pain right in the middle of the session with an off-camera tattoo artist holding an ink-blotted bandage on his head which was peppered with little specks of blood.

Nice image - I know.

I can't imagine what getting my scalp tattooed would even feel like.

And the final upload saw the prankster finally revealing the tattoo, which was a yellow and black 'crash test' symbol.

He can be heard saying: "Wish me luck on my crash test dummy bit - the first bit for my next tour!

"It will be included in the final show's the Bucket List tour so get your tickets now yeah!"

Steve-O then laughed to himself, concluding: "God... wish me luck."

However, it's not just Instagram that has caught light of the star's cranium ink as people have also rushed to Reddit to share their opinions.

The first reveal of Steve-O's 'long-awaited' head tattoo.

Many seemed to love the tattoo with one user on the Jackass sub-Reddit writing: "Lmao.This one fits him pretty well. It's a crash test dummy logo, and he's basically the human equivalent."

"I just really want to see whatever stunt he's doing to go along with this!" a second commenter.

And a third fan added: "I think it's fitting, funny, and fun. Happy that Steve-O is happy!"

Others, however, saw his latest body art as a cause for concern.

One Reddit user penned: "What a dummy."

"With a head like that he's not keeping it shaved...I hope," another said.

And someone else added: "Man's got a head full of scars."

Well, I guess that's the price to pay making a career out of being a human crash test dummy.

Some loyal fans, however, rushed to Steve-O's defense.

Fans were divided over the tattoo.

"This dude has so many bad tattoos and this is the one pressing you guys??" hit out one Reddit user.

A second echoed: "This man has had some of the wildest tattoos imaginable and this is the one that bothers people? Makes no sense to me, just let Steve-O do Steve-O sh*t."

And a final Reddit user added: "Bro, has a giant portrait of himself on the back.

"Idk why so many people are so freaked out. It's not like his hair won't grow back and cover it anyways."

What do you make of it?

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